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ZoomPanel was developed to be a control for Silverlight that displays Items and Zooms in the one the Mouse is over. It behaves like the Apple Dock (at least similar to it)







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Allows the user to zoom in on items to make them bigger
Zoom out to return the items to their original size
The zoom is done using a zoom slider (with clickable areas at different zoom levels)
Items can be dragged from one zoom to another
The zoom is a custom component, it has no dependency on the ItemsControl it is used with

This is probably the best example I could think of, it also shows the usage of the zoom event (which is fired when the slider or the rectangles get clicked)
var ZoomPanel Crack For Windows = new ZoomPanel Download With Full Crack
Width = 100,
Height = 100,
Children = new ItemCollection {
new Rectangle {
Width = 25,
Height = 25,
Fill = Brushes.Blue,
DragDelta = new Point(0, 1)
new Rectangle {
Width = 25,
Height = 25,
Fill = Brushes.Yellow,
DragDelta = new Point(1, 1)
new Rectangle {
Width = 25,
Height = 25,
Fill = Brushes.Green,
DragDelta = new Point(0, -1)
new Rectangle {
Width = 25,
Height = 25,
Fill = Brushes.Orange,
DragDelta = new Point(1,

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“ZoomPanel is a simple and lightweight control that behaves like a dock on the screen. The user can position a zoom panel by dragging it in either direction. The user can move the zoom panel by dragging it in the direction of the user’s cursor, and even move it to a different location with the Arrow keys.” – Microsoft Support Article

“The ZoomPanel makes it easy to dock and undock windows of an application. ZoomPanel works with any window with no modifications to the application or development settings. We are offering ZoomPanel for free download. If you need more functionality, try our paid version.” – ZoomPanel.com

“We are releasing ZoomPanel as a free control for Silverlight. With this control you can dock windows to your desktop, modify the position, size and title bar of the window and maximize and minimize any window. Moreover you can easily drag the window to a new position on your screen. All of this is done with a simple and intuitive user experience.” – ZoomPanel.com

.NET 4.5 Class Library

The first release of ZoomPanel was released to get this thing working. You can download it here. It was a little bit unstable at the time, but seems like now I found a way to make it work and stable.

Today it’s a standalone solution you can use in any project you need. It doesn’t depend on anything, except if you use Windows 8 (but then I guess you can use any dock. 🙂

.NET 4.0 Class Library

I’ve now found a way to make this stuff work and it’s even more stable than before. But, since it’s now out of Beta I wanted to release the class library and so far I’ve had no problems at all.Q:

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What’s New in the?

Silverlight 3 style Dock Panel with a little more functionality than the built in Silverlight Panels. I want to make a Panel that will be placed in a grid and behave more like a dock panel.
To have a dock panel you will need to add a DockPanel and then add an ItemsControl into it.
I have created a control that uses a DockPanel to act as the dock with the ItemsControl displaying the actual content.
It also allows you to display a zoom panel when the mouse hovers over it.

To install the ZoomPanel control just drag and drop the zip file into your Silverlight project.
It can be used in conjunction with the Silverlight Dock Panel from

After adding a DockPanel to your page and adding the ZoomPanel control (named DockPanel1) to the DockPanel you can use the DockPanel as a DockPanel.
Right click on the DockPanel and then select the “Show Zoom Panel” option.

Open Issues:
– The zoom panel does not update correctly when the ItemsControl is moved and dragged, but this is probably a bug.

Noteworthy Features:
– You can move the ItemsControl inside the DockPanel and they will remain in the correct position (This would be handy to have a ZoomPanel inside a ZoomPanel. However the ZoomPanel does not handle mouse events when the ZoomPanel is inside the DockPanel.
– If you have different panels inside the ZoomPanel they will stay in the same position and location in the ZoomPanel
– If the ItemsControl is moved the ZoomPanel will re-draw itself correctly.

GNU GPL v3.0 or later.

public class ZoomPanel : CompositeControl
#region Properties

public ResourceDictionary ResourceDictionary
get { return (ResourceDictionary)GetValue(ResourceDictionaryProperty); }
set { SetValue(ResourceDictionaryProperty, value); }
/// Identifies the ResourceDictionary dependency property.
public static readonly DependencyProperty ResourceDictionaryProperty =
DependencyProperty.Register(“ResourceDictionary”, typeof(ResourceDictionary), typeof

System Requirements: