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What’s New In XMind ZEN?

XMind ZEN is a clean and easy-to-use mindmapping and diagramming application that lets you brainstorm, plan and organize ideas by creating colorful, hierarchical and flexible mindmaps.
The program is optimized for touch devices, but you can also use the keyboard to navigate. Simply press the buttons or move the cursor with the touch.
Whether you create complex mindmaps that include a variety of elements, or simple, clean and focused ones, XMind ZEN is the perfect tool for any kind of brainstorming session. The interface is simple, clean and responsive.
– Display all mindmaps on the screen at once.
– Add notes to any node to keep your ideas organized.
– Group and arrange mindmaps with simple, logical topics.
– Drag & drop nodes anywhere.
– Use templates and layouts to quickly create mindmaps.
– XMind ZEN features 25+ mindmap templates to get you started.
– Export mindmaps to PDF, PNG, text, and more.
– Copy existing mindmaps.
– Import mindmaps from MindManager, Freemind, and Lighten.
– Personalize mindmaps to fit your preferences.
– Share mindmaps via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
– Use the built-in text editor to customize labels and notes.
– Attach images and other files.
– Make your maps bigger or smaller.
– Set fonts, colors, borders, and more.
– Keep track of node counts, or set a node limit.
– Share mindmaps with family, friends, and colleagues.
Here are some of the templates included:
1. Business Plan.
2. Sales Cycle.
3. Marketing Funnel.
4. Cash Flow.
5. Task List.
6. Support Ticket.
7. Module Mockup.
8. Concept Map.
9. Goal.
10. Sales Pipeline.
11. Investment Pitch.
12. Problem Solving.
13. Opportunity.
14. Travel Plan.
15. Client Consultation.
16. Support Request.
17. Pitch Deck.
18. Design Response.
19. Purpose.
20. Key Activities.
21. Content Strategy.
22. Content Marketing.
23. Idea Pipeline.
24. Key Results.
25. Development Plan.
In addition to the templates, XMind ZEN provides various icons, templates, and styles to help you design amazing mindmaps in a few simple steps.
1. Connect two nodes with arrows.
2. Add notes to any node to keep your ideas organized.
3. Sort nodes by clicking on the left or right arrow.
4. Create layouts to easily organize the content of mindmaps.
5. Use the built-in text editor to customize labels and notes.
6. Add images, videos, or other files

System Requirements:

Designed to be run on either the Playstation 3, the Playstation 4, or the PC (via Steam).
How to Play:
Left-click to select enemies and move.
Left-click again to release your target.
Left-click twice to instant execute.
Left-click to throw a boomerang.
Left-click again to fling a boomerang that is already being flung.
Left-click to double throw.
Left-click to throw in a straight line.