Will insulating my liner help cut down on creosote buildup?

Insulating a chimney liner will cut down on creosote buildup. A chimney liner that has been properly insulated can minimize creosote buildup, and keep the liner cleaner for a much longer time over a liner that hasn’t been insulated. It will also provide a warmer flue temperature because the insulation helps maintain warm flue gas temperatures due to the insulation is blocking any drafts. It will also rid the chimney of any odors that often occur with liners that are not insulated. It will maximize the fireplace or stove, because the warmer the chimney, the warmer the air that is supplied to the home.  It will also cut down on creosote buildup, because it is blocking any moisture from building up.

There are many benefits of having an insulated chimney liner. One thing that many homeowners don’t know is that their insurance company may give them a break on their insurance costs because when the liner is insulated, it achieves the UL listing of 1777 Standard. The insurance company will see that you are protecting your home from any type of fire hazard. It is recommended that all chimney liners are insulated.

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