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GPM Web Browser: The Best of the Web

Few web browsers can hold their own against the latest technologies, but GPM – Web Browser can. This is a powerful and easy-to-use application that provides the most essential features without losing anything in the process.

The developers of GPM have gone to the trouble of letting the user take advantage of the latest features to provide them with the best browsing experience on the market. GPM – Web Browser provides the best of the web at your fingertips, allowing you to find, save, and bookmark your favorite websites easily.

GPM – Web Browser will automatically fill in your address bar with the URL of the website you just opened, leaving you free to navigate to the site you wish to view. Since it is based on the latest technology, your browsing experience will be enhanced, with a faster, safer, and more secure browsing experience.

GPM – Web Browser will bring the maximum amount of information to your screen, providing you with a detailed and comprehensive list of the website’s features. This comprehensive list of information includes a brief description of each feature on the website, along with a link to its page in the online help system.

GPM – Web Browser will show you information on each page of the website you are currently viewing, including the source code for each page, and the date of its last change. If the site you are viewing allows it, you will be given the option to subscribe to the website’s RSS feed. GPM – Web Browser will also show you a brief description of the website and any information regarding the site’s owner.

GPM – Web Browser will add the website you are viewing to your list of favorite sites. This will allow you to access your favorite website from any computer connected to the Internet.

GPM – Web Browser will not only allow you to access your favorite websites, but will allow you to share the websites you enjoy with others. This is done through email or, if you are logged in, through a buddy list.

GPM – Web Browser is also free of spyware, adware, malware, and viruses. This means that you will have a safe and trouble-free browsing experience.


Automatically open the URL of the website you are currently viewing in the main window of the application.

Display information about the website you are currently viewing, including the source code of the page, and the date it 384a16bd22

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– Radio button – toggle between default state and click-to-capture
– Numlock button – toggle between numeric lock and click-to-capture
– LK button – toggle between last image view and gallery
– Cancel button – close the widget, return to website, etc.
– Mousewheel button – zoom in or out
– Leftclick button – switch between QTV and HiRes pictures
– Rightclick button – toggle between Pop-up and Slide show
– Drag & Drop button – move the widget to another page on your website
– Settings button – select the orientation of the webcam image and other settings
– Calendar button – toggle between full-screen mode and popup
– Rightclick button – show in fullscreen

Please read carefully our terms of use. It is a legal requirement.
Please read carefully our terms of use. It is a legal requirement.

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