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Santilab USPS Rate Calculator is a component which provides easy access to USPS services, including domestic rates, online tracking. All you’d need to do in order to deploy that functionality on your website is provide the required configuration data.
Santilab USPS Rate Calculator Features:
Santilab USPS Rate Calculator enables conversion of USPS rates to expected shipping rates using real time rates from USPS.com.
Shipping labels may be generated using this tool.
It is a helpful solution to convert shipping prices to available shipping labels.
Enable Rate Online feature.
This feature enables you to enable the conversion of USPS rates to expected shipping rates.
Each conversion will run in the background and provide real time rates from USPS.com.
Santilab USPS Rate Calculator can be configured to use the following rate base:
USPS Rates
Customized rates
Create Shipping labels.
Print Shipping labels.
Date range to calculate rates.
Customizable labels format.
Quick links for new and existing customers.
E-Commerce Shipping Calculator
This component is designed to calculate accurate shipping rates, even for an e-commerce store.
With this component, shipping rules and shipping addresses may be entered directly from USPS.com.
You can also export the data to a CSV file.
Shipping rates are based on USPS.com rates and as with USPS.com rates, you may set the rate based on first-class or surface mail.
Configure Shipping to Customers via Customizer.
This component provides the necessary configuration data in order to enable the conversion of USPS rates to expected shipping rates.
Santilab USPS Rate Calculator requires a MySQL database.
You can download free trial version from Santilab Website.
When you purchase the standalone version, you can also download the FREE Santilab Quick Setup Utility from Santilab Website.
Here is how you can install the standalone version of USPS Rate Calculator.
Unzip the package you downloaded.
Copy the files to the root of your website directory.
You are all set to use USPS Rate Calculator.
The complete list of USPS Rate Calculator Features:
Santilab USPS Rate Calculator is an open source product, designed to provide easy access to USPS services, including domestic rates, online tracking.
You can download the free trial version from Santilab website.
If you find the product useful for your business, you can get the license from here: eea19f52d2


Stock Photo Tagger is a nice little tool designed for photographers who specialize in stock photography as it allows them to effortlessly edit metadata for their pictures. With it you are able to tag individual files as well as multiple at the same time.
A basic tool for basic use
Stock Photo Tagger doesn’t require any kind of installation but it does depend on the ExifTool command line application to be able to work. The latter is also an install-free tool which makes the app in discussion usable even from a USB drive.
To use Stock Photo Tagger, you need to link it to ExifTool by simply choosing its location path on your PC from within the application, that probably being the only difficult task you encounter.
At a first glance, the photo tagger displays a simple, user-friendly interface in the form of a single main window from where you can preview the images and edit some basic data. You can’t zoom in on the images for a better look but a double-click on any one opens them in your default image viewer.
Edit title, description and keyword information
Stock Photo Tagger provides the means to add a title for the photos, a description of any length, along with a large number of keywords, and that’s just about it. Apart from displaying the resolution of the images, it doesn’t extract any other EXIF data that might come in handy.
The application keeps track of the amount of information you add to the photos by measuring character lengths for title and description, as well as counting the number of keywords you add. Stock Photo Tagger also comes with two options that allow you to remove duplicate keywords and sort them alphabetically but those work as long as you don’t forget to comma separate them.
Stock Photo Tagger Screenshot:


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