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2020.12.14 05:18

tomb raider 2013 english language pack
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February 16, 2022 at 11:32 pm.
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Lara Croft Wiki – A detailed wiki for the Tomb Raider series. Language, UI, Audio, Sub, Notes. English. Arabic. Brazilian Portuguese.
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I made a small script that converts videos from any language to English. Of course, there are many other people out there who have made something like this, so feel free to upvote this script if you find it helpful.

And this is how you install it:

Make sure you have python installed, this script uses that.

git clone

cd to the directory where you have your tomb raider 2013 installer.

cd TombRaider2013/LanguagePack/x86_x64/tombraider2013

Open command prompt and run this command:

python c:\path\to\tombraider2013-voice-translator\ -i -o

The script only works with audio videos as input, as the -i option, but you can put any video to it. The output will be an audio video file in MP4 format.

Good luck!