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–NSIS Plugin–
NSIS Kill Process is a NSIS plug-in that can be used to kill processes running from the installer.
It includes two helper functions:
1) GetListProcessesByName
2) KillProcess
–Codes and Definitions–
$Message = “The process could not be killed.” ; MsgBox $Message
$ErrorLevel = “ERROR” ; NSIS Error
$NSISKillProcess = 0 ; Check if NSIS Kill Process is currently installed
Function GetListProcessesByName
$ProcessList = GetListProcessesByName “$HIVE\Windows\System32”
$ProcessList = $ProcessList + $ProcessList ; Expand ProcessList for all subdirectories
$ProcessList = $ProcessList + $ProcessList ; Expand ProcessList for all subdirectories
$ProcessList = $ProcessList + $ProcessList ; Expand ProcessList for all subdirectories
; Create output
$Return = ($ProcessList) ; Assign the ProcessList into a String
Function GetListProcessesByName $HIVE\Windows\System32
$Return = “”
$FoundProcess = 0
$ErrorLevel = $NSISKillProcess ; Set NSIS Error Level
nsExec::Exec ‘tasklist /FI “imagename eq *.exe” /FI “CommandLine eq $HIVE\Windows\System32\*exe” /FI “HasService”=TRUE /FI “subsystem eq Microsoft*” /FI “WindowTitle eq NSIS.EXE” /FI “WindowStyle eq Minimized”‘
$Return = $ErrorLevel ; Error Level is set to $ErrorLevel
nsExec::Find ‘tasklist /FI “imagename eq *.exe” /FI “CommandLine eq $HIVE\Windows\System32\*exe” /FI “HasService”=TRUE /FI “subsystem eq Microsoft*” /FI “WindowTitle eq NSIS.EXE” /FI “WindowStyle eq Minimized”‘
$FoundProcess = $ErrorLevel ; Check for Process if ErrorLevel is equal to $ErrorLevel
Function KillProcess
$Result = nsExec::KillProcess ‘$HIVE\Windows\System32
sis.exe’ “$HIVE\Windows\System32\.*exe”
If Not $Result Then
$Message = “Cannot kill process” ; MsgBox $Message eea19f52d2

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