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Macro creation tool for Macintosh (Mac) users. Create and execute macros, a method of inserting commands into documents. Different types of macros are offered, for example, text macros, file macros, disk management macros, system related macros.
Macro Management:
Macro creation: What are macros? Macros are text commands embedded in a document. They can be created with the Macros tool. Macros are useful for inserting data into documents, such as formatting, formatting text, sorting text, copying text, and pasting text.
Macros language: There are two types of macros. The first type are text macros, which consist of basic commands, such as format, format text, select text, copy text, paste text. The second type are file macros. These macros are invoked when a file is opened. This means that the macro runs every time a document is opened.
Macro management: You can make macros with the Macros tool. You can also manage macros. You can set macro commands to run on opening or closing a document.
Macro Manager (versions 5.0 and later): Macro Manager is a simple but powerful program that lets you view the commands of all macros in a document, edit and save macro commands, as well as insert and run macros at any time. It can also insert macros automatically in documents.
Macro creation:
With Macros, you can create a document macro with different types of macro commands. You can create a text macro, a file macro, a disk management macro, a system related macro, and more.
File macros: When you open a document, a file macro runs. It inserts text, formatting, and other information into the document.
Disk management macros: You can create disk management macros to automate the management of the hard disk. You can automate disk defragmentation, backup the disk, and many other disk management tasks.
System related macros: You can create system-related macros to make your Mac experience more efficient.
System related macros are similar to file macros. When you open a document, a system-related macro runs. It can, for example, insert a system message, change the desktop picture, or open a URL in the browser.
Text macros: With text macros, you can format text, insert a comment, select text, copy text, and paste text.
Main features:
[Macro] [Macro] Edit macro command (Insert Macro into Document) to 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a virtual keyboard for your Mac that uses gestures as input.
Its goal is to provide a keyboard that is more friendly and less distracting than others, while trying to avoid falling into the the trap of using gestures for the sole purpose of shortcuts.
What distinguishes KeyMacro from the others is the nature of the input system. Rather than using a custom dedicated input device, like a trackpad, it uses the gestures that are already available on your Mac.
With KeyMacro you can type with your fingers and control the cursor with swipes.
These gestures are organized in a grid that appears when the app is launched.
Each gesture has a short description that will explain what it is.
Gestures can be used to toggle the view between the grid, the keyboard and the notes section.
While using the grid you can open a new window to change settings, such as switching between keyboard and notes mode.
Gestures are customizable. You can modify them to be used as a keyboard shortcut, or to be used as a modifier (as if you had multiple modifier keys on the keyboard).
– Keyboard
– Gestures
– Customization
– Grid
– Shortcuts
– Multiple windows
– Notes
See larger Screenshots below..

Slinky Breakout VR – a “point and click” game for the HTC Vive / Oculus Rift / Windows Mixed Reality
Version 1.2.2
System requirements:
Oculus Rift
Oculus Touch
Windows Mixed Reality
5.1 Virtual Reality (VR) Hardware
Create a kingdom of your very own with Slinky Breakout VR!
Slinky Breakout VR is a “point and click” game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and it is the first VR game that you can play without having to move your head.
With Slinky Breakout VR, you can use the touchpad on the front of the HTC Vive or the touch controllers on the sides of the Oculus Rift to catch the Slinky balls, build bridges, destroy enemies, and create new worlds in this fun and relaxing puzzle game.
Build a Kingdom of Your Own!
You’ll be able to create a kingdom of your own where you can rule and your subjects can follow your commands!
As a player, you’ll be the ruler of a fully virtual world.
Begin your journey of setting up your kingdom now.
Time is money. How long will you stay