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it’s allows you to use the Windows Key (RAlt) in combination with any of the Windows standard macros. For example:
1)WinKey+A: Open your startmenu.
2)WinKey+B: Open the browser window.
3)WinKey+D: The desktop.
4)WinKey+E: The Desktop Logoff menu.
5)WinKey+F: The Explorer window, the File Explorer.
6)WinKey+G: the Desktop Shut Down menu.
7)WinKey+H: The Desktop Hibernate.
8)WinKey+I: The startmenu.
9)WinKey+M: The Control Panel.
10)WinKey+N: the taskbar (taskbar.ini), the explorer windows.
11)WinKey+O: The Explorer window, the File Explorer.
12)WinKey+P: The Desktop Shut Down menu.
13)WinKey+Q: The Desktop Logoff menu.
14)WinKey+R: Open your favorites.
15)WinKey+T: The Desktop Shut Down menu.
16)WinKey+U: The Shut Down menu, the Shut Down menu.
17)WinKey+W: the shutdown menu.
18)WinKey+X: Open the window explorer.
19)WinKey+Z: the desktop (desktop.ini).
20)WinKey+{: Open your startmenu (startmenu.ini).
21)WinKey+\: Open the Windows Desktop.
22)WinKey+;: Open the Explorer windows (explorer.ini).
23)WinKey+=: Open the window explorer (windowexplorer.ini).
24)WinKey+%: Open the window explorer.
25)WinKey+/: Open the the desktop (desktop.ini).
26)WinKey+Enter: open your startmenu (startmenu.ini).
27)WinKey+Enter+C: Open the Control Panel (Control.ini).
28)WinKey+Alt+1: Open your startmenu (startmenu.ini).
29)WinKey+Alt+2: Open the Shut Down menu (shutdown.ini).
30)WinKey+Alt+3: Open the Shut Down menu (shutdown.ini).
31)WinKey+Alt+4: Open the Shut Down menu (shutdown.ini). 384a16bd22

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Extend the Mac keyboard’s standard hotkeys to open programs, documents, and to other features that are commonly accessed using the keyboard.
KEYMACRO is not just a hotkey app. It is designed to replace the keyboard’s built-in hotkey system.
KeyMACRO gives you a new way to do everything you want the keyboard to do, from opening applications, to starting programs, to searching for files and launching files.
KEYMACRO is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher.
What’s New
Version 1.2
* Add Local Hotkeys, including Launchpad Tiles, Quick Launch, and Finder Search for locations.
* Use the Keyboard control panel to create custom hotkeys.
* Add a dynamic status bar, to allow you to see which program is currently controlled.
* Minor bug fixes
What’s New
Version 1.1
* KeyMACRO now includes support for Mac OS X Lion.
* Minor bug fixes.
KeyMACRO Description:
KeyMACRO is a powerful and feature rich application for Macintosh users. It provides a dynamic status bar to show which program is currently controlled by the keyboard, a nice feature that no other keyboard-based application provides.
The application has a powerful and easy-to-use interface that will allow you to quickly create keyboard shortcuts to open most any application you use.
KeyMACRO is designed to act as a replacement for the keyboard’s built-in hotkey system. It can easily do everything your built-in system can do and more.
KeyMACRO comes with a host of features and options. Some of these features include:
* Create Keyboard Shortcuts to open any program
* Open programs directly from Launchpad Tiles
* Control Finder and Launchpad Tiles with the keyboard
* Open or create files, folders and mail items with a keyboard shortcut
* Control the Applications menu directly from the keyboard
* Add custom applications for custom keyboard commands
KeyMACRO allows you to create hotkeys to open many programs on your computer. These hotkeys can be used anywhere on your computer including in any application that supports hotkeys.
KeyMACRO’s built-in hotkey system allows you to control the entire applications menu with the keyboard. You can even launch any program or document directly from a Launchpad Tile.
KeyMACRO gives you direct access to all your favorite applications without having to use the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are the perfect way to quickly open an application, create