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Keymacro is a free macro recorder software for Windows.
It offers you the ability to record keystrokes, macros, and/or mouse clicks.
It can save your recorded actions in the following formats:
• Text: Rich Text Format, OLE, Base64 and PDF.
• Binary: The simplest format for files.
• Plain: Simple ASCII text files.
Keymacro can record actions directly from your keyboard or from the mouse.
Keymacro supports cut, paste, copy and paste commands (ctrl-c, ctrl-x and ctrl-v).
Keymacro allows you to record macros from the clipboard or from a file.
Keymacro supports several paste commands:
– Paste and left-click to keep formatting.
– Paste and right-click to keep formatting.
– Paste and shift-click to keep formatting.
Keymacro allows you to record mouse clicks by placing the mouse cursor on the buttons of the application window.
Keymacro includes a graphical interface, a step-by-step wizard, a welcome screen, a help window, and a preview window.
Keymacro is provided in the following languages:
– English
– German
– Spanish
– Portuguese
– French
– Dutch
– Russian
– Arabic
– Chinese
– Korean
– Japanese
– Simplified Chinese
– Simplified Japanese
– Czech
– Polish
– Hungarian
– Ukrainian
Keymacro has a free license, meaning you can use it for personal, educational, and non-commercial purposes, as long as you give proper credit to Keymacro and link back to this page.
Keymacro is available for free download from the following page.
Microsoft Office keystrokes are recorded using a macro recorder tool.
Keymacro can record different key combinations (shortcuts).
It also allows you to record the following mouse actions:
– Right-click and left-click.
– Right-click and right-click.
– Left-click, right-click, and left-click.
– Shift-right-click and shift-right-click.
– Shift-right-click and shift-left-click.
– Double-click and left-click.
– Double-click and right-click.
– Double-click and shift-left-click.
– Double-click and shift-right-click.
– Double-click, right- 384a16bd22

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Subtitle Translation Assistant is a reliable software which enables you to easily translate a.SRT file while watching the corresponding scenes. The software allows you to load both the subtitle file and the movie, in order to watch it and easily match the lines with the characters’ speech. Moreover, you can adjust the time of each line’s appearance on the screen.
Lightweight application for subtitle creation
If you wish to offer your family the possibility of watching a movie, although they do not understand English or the input language of the file, Subtitle Translation Assistant can help you in your task. The software does not translate the lines, but it provides you with helpful tools that can make the job faster and easier.
You can manually translate each line from the subtitle file, while watching the movie. The software supports playing the video file while you work, thus accomplishing a double task: first is to help you relax and the second is allowing you to easily match the lines with the film frames. Often times, manually created subtitles are bundled with inaccuracies or time mismatches.
Correcting delays in the subtitle file
Less than a second of delay and the movie experience can turn into a tiresome task for those who need the subtitle. This is why Subtitle Translation Assistant allows you to adjust each line from the file individually: type in the translation, adjust its starting and ending point, as well as renumber the sequence.
Moreover, you can view the previous line and the next line to the left, respectively to the right side of the current line text box. This is designed to help you understand the context, if the line is longer. You can easily navigate through the lines, using the Back and Forward arrows.
Style adjustments for the subtitle translation
Subtitle Translation Assistant allows you to also save the translated file to your computer, as.SRT. The software supports exclusively this format both for input and output files. Moreover, you can modify the font, alignment and size of the text. Additionally, you may turn the audio off while watching the video.
Price: Free)
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