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SiteUp is a light-weight program with a simple interface, but there are a lot of features included.
The program has the following modules:
– Alert: Shows you the page you are visiting, and a little message when something goes wrong.
– Statistics: Shows how long a site has been down.
– Status: Shows you the status of the sites that you are monitoring.
– Log: Shows you the last status of a site, and also shows you when the site was down.
– Block: Allows you to block a site.
– Regedit: Shows you the registry of your machine, including the web browser’s user preferences.
– Trayicon: Shows you the status of the sites that you are monitoring.
– Speedtest: Tests the speed of your Internet connection and shows you how much data you have downloaded.


I believe you are looking for using a passive ping. Passive ping tries to ping a server without interfering in the outcome. Google will give a much more detailed answer on passive pings.
For example, on windows, you can install the wmic utility
C:\wmic qfe list netlogon

You can then get the hostname from a DNS server that you monitor. You can use the name from a third party server (as long as it is reporting accurate hostnames, DNS servers can be unreliable).
Alternatively, you can do an active ping. I think most pinging tools will accept an ip and will check it once a minute. I believe they are not intended to be a network monitoring tool, but they can be used to probe your network.

Dalegate: The Best Cases Show Us the Value of Community Standards

The growing community standards debate, which pits the desire for policing on the ground against the utility of obeying a faceless, bureaucratic power, has become a highly charged subject. How else to describe the debate sparked by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) recent executive order mandating that police respond to complaints within 24 hours?

In the week since the directive came out, we have seen a number of important developments in the national conversation. Most notably, officials at the national level have reaffirmed the importance of community standards. We saw this on Friday when Attorney General Eric Holder spoke out against the Christie directive.

On Saturday, the New York Times’ First Amendment Project documented how police departments across the eea19f52d2


Quick CPU is a freeware that allows you to monitor and adjust the power consumption of your CPU as well as change other settings such as number of cores, number of threads and CPU frequency. The freeware has presets so that you can select the most suitable settings for your particular needs and then, adjust them according to your need.


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Select records from one table if there is no records for specific month in another table

I’m trying to write a query where I first select all the records from one table if there is no record from another table for a specific month.
I am not good with SQL so here is what I have written:
select * from [Users] u
where not exists (select 1 from [UnavailableUsers]
where Date = ’11/09/2017′)

This is probably not correct, but I can’t figure out how to fix it.
If I was writing in classic ADO.NET I would write something like this:
SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand();
command.Connection = Connection;
command.CommandText = “select * from [Users] u where not exists (select 1 from [UnavailableUsers] where Date = ’11/09/2017′)”;
command.CommandType = CommandType.Text;

SqlDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader();
if (reader.HasRows)

I haven’t used C# in a long time but I’d like to do this in LINQ and I couldn’t figure out how.
I’m using Entity Framework, so my query would look something like this:
var users = (from u in Entities.Users
select u).ToList();

There are many other queries that I’d like to write but