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1. “Remove Inactive” – Uninstall the “ManagedInstaller” control.
2. “Enable” – Enable the Registry Editor and Task Manager.
3. “Install” – Install the “ManagedInstaller” control.
4. “Help” – Display this help.

The goal of this tutorial is to fix a common Windows XP issue called “blue screen of death”. Although not something trivial, it can be fixed by just a few simple steps.

What is a “blue screen of death”?
A blue screen of death can be thought of as a colorful version of the “page fault” error that can be seen when a Windows program encounters a system error.

The key difference between the two, however, is that the blue screen of death is the one that usually pops up when you have some kind of system problem.

How to Fix a “Blue Screen of Death” in Windows XP

There is a hidden and critical file that is linked with the start-up process, and it’s this file that is responsible for the “blue screen” of death.
The system file named BKMST.DLL is an essential element for the proper startup process of the operating system, but it is of critical importance that it is loaded at the proper time by the system.

Therefore, if BKMST.DLL is not present in the location in which it is expected to be, the program starts with a random file and tries to open it by calling the Program Files folder.
However, the system cannot find the file and will crash with a blue screen of death.

1) You need to find the name of the file that is missing. You can do this by analyzing the event log.
2) Open the event viewer
3) Locate the file name that you have just found
4) Go to the Control Panel and select “System and Security”
5) Open the “System” tab
6) Select the “System Protection” and click on the “Advanced System Protection” option
7) Click on “Event Viewer”
8) Click on “Applications and Services Logs”, then select “Event Viewer”
9) In the top left corner of the window click on “Application” then on “Instances� 70238732e0

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