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Keymacro is a free utility to create macros to automate keystrokes in Windows applications. Keymacro supports hotkeys for Windows programs such as AutoIt, MS Office, Internet Explorer and many others. Keymacro can record a sequence of keystrokes to a file or clipboard. It supports multi-line macros and supports the last macro in the file.
Keymacro is a powerful tool for both beginners and advanced users alike. The software is easy to use and can be easily integrated in any scripting languages. Furthermore, it can be easily controlled by macros that are run either manually, or by being triggered when a certain event occurs.
Keymacro allows you to control various programs and thus automate your work. The list of supported programs is extensive and includes many important programs such as Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.
Keymacro features:
– Support for multi-line macros
– Support for playing macros
– Support for Timers
– User defined settings
– System Tray integration
– Support for the last macro
– Scripting support (recording macros in any scripting language)
– Import macros from Autohotkey scripts
– Start and Stop macros using a hotkey
– Macro recording and playback
– Full Unicode support
– Large program support
– Drag and Drop support
– Supports hotkeys from all devices
– Language support: English, German, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish
-… and many more.
Keymacro supports AutoIt, AutoHotkey and Scriptographer scripts.
Keymacro can be downloaded from SourceForge:

Kernel for Windows Live! is an application that downloads or updates a free version of Windows Live! that allows you to use all the services you need.
The application features an install procedure, similar to other installers in the Windows Live series, so it’s very easy to use. You only have to fill out a couple of fields, and that’s it. Then, you will be asked whether to add your Windows Live! account to the program or not. It’s entirely optional, but it’s highly recommended. This way, you can sync your contacts, calendars and other important data. The install process takes around 10-15 minutes and you will be able to use the Windows Live! features.
Once the application is installed, you can access your account on the web and you can check the news, answer or leave a question 84e02134c1

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The Reverb Effect works like a generic reverb with parameters such as delay, decay time, room size, wet/dry mix, reverb type and cabinet size. Also, the module has a feedback control and can control any parameter on the module.
All the parameters of the reverb effect module can be modified in real time, without it being necessary to generate and record a new sample. All the parameters can be modified using the KeyMacro as a Key Chain without creating a step.
The reverb module can be combined with other samples, which means that all of the parameters ​​of the sample can be modified in real time without having to record a new sample.
In addition, the module has an effect that can be triggered when a certain keyboard macro is pressed, which allows you to modify the parameters without recording a new sample, as well as the presence of a one-shot echo.
In addition to the functionalities of the original, the UD-Reverb SynthEdit has the following features:

A pre-processor based on the Unkargherth Reverb module which allows the use of any samples, either recorded or library samples, and the use of full size.

Real time modification of the parameters of the reverb module, using the same KeyMacro as that used in the pre-processor.

The use of stereo reverb effect, a function that allows you to activate the Reverb effect in one channel, with the same reverb effect as the other.

A function that allows you to activate the reverb effect on the sample, which means that all the parameters ​​of the sample can be modified using the KeyMacro as a Key Chain.

A function that allows you to activate an echo effect, which means that the reverb effect is repeated after a certain delay and the presence of one-shot echo.

The ability to combine the samples with a Pre-Processor, which means that the parameters of the samples can be modified using the same KeyMacro as that used in the pre-processor.

Replace any sample, library or drum sample by generating a new one using the original samples, allowing to modify the parameter without the need to generate and record a new sample.

The parameter modulation of the Reverb effect based on a looped signal.

For more information, please see UD-Reverb SynthEdit in the Evaluation and references

UD-Percussion module