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The add-in allows you to add macros to the keyboard shortcut menu or bring up the macro dialog window. When you press the keyboard shortcut to a macro, it will execute and the dialog window will appear.
An example is when you have a macro which updates the server time. The macro would be selected under the Macro tab and be on the status field (the option which says macro is running) for that macro. The macro itself would be the command text of the UpdateTimestamp macro.
Each time the macro is pressed, it will automatically go back to the status field and execute the macro.
For example:

1) Start macro: F1
2) Select Under status field
3) Enter update timestamp macro
4) Select Time & Date
5) Select Update timestamp button
6) Press F1
The macro will be saved as an.msmac file

The macro works in the background when an application is active. A notification will appear for the duration of the macro.
Macro could be for example:

IF “%1” == “update timestamp”


Goto label


FINDSTR /F “” /C:”Label =:Update timestamp” “%APPDATA%\Macros\macros.msmac” >NUL 2>NUL

goto :eof


It’s tricky, but by far the simplest solution I found was the following:

Copy the Word App Shortcut file from the Deployments\ Word folder onto the server where your hotfix’s MSI resides.
Open up the MSI, and update the shortcut in the Properties Window. Right click -> Properties -> Shortcut, and open the “Shortcut target” field. Set the “Target path” to %UserProfile%\Desktop\Word 2013 Start Menu\Microsoft Office\Access\Word (or whatever you want the name to be).

Windows users will be greeted with the little “Office 2013” and “Access 2013” icons, while mac users will be presented with the “Office 2013” icon and a “Microsoft Office” icon.


The hotfix is also available in the following other languages:

Czech (ok)
Danish (ok)
German (ok)
Italian (ok)
Japanese (ok)
Norwegian (ok)
Polish (ok) 84e02134c1

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KEYMACRO has been designed to facilitate the configuration of a keyboard for quick access to a comprehensive library of programs and commands, in the most powerful and modern operating system for home and office use. The product is a solution for creating keyboard shortcuts that can be activated in any of the most used operating systems, enabling users to speed up their work time.

Recently, the importance of keyboard shortcuts has increased. For example, a factory boss can use this program to save time, since all the processes can be performed directly by pressing keys.
If you are thinking of creating your own keyboard shortcuts then this program is the perfect solution, since you will be able to create one-click shortcuts that will allow you to perform actions in your computer quickly. These shortcuts can be created to be used in different computers or operating systems and they will save you time.
The main advantage is that the user has the option of creating shortcuts according to their personal preferences, for example, when using a software, the shortcuts can be adjusted to make them more user-friendly and convenient.
This program allows you to create shortcuts in Windows, Mac OS X and GNU Linux. It has a very user-friendly interface, the functions are easy to access and the program is 100% secure.
KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro software that allows you to create keyboard shortcuts to perform the most common actions in Windows and other popular operating systems for work, in the following programs:


Windows Mail

Windows Explorer

Windows Media Player

Windows IM and MSN

Windows Server and Active Directory



Windows File Explorer


Able to edit


Double-click/Right click


Clear and Reset

Click on a specific button of a program

Select any button on the windows that you wish to assign a shortcut to it, as well as set the actions that it will perform.

If you need to create keyboard shortcuts for other programs and software, you can also create them here.
KEYMACRO is a powerful keyboard shortcut macro program for Windows and other operating systems for office use.

KEYMACRO is a free keyboard macro utility software for Windows and other operating systems for home and office use.

Basic description:

KEYMACRO is a completely free, useful and powerful tool that helps you create, assign and edit keyboard shortcuts to perform actions in Windows and