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Get the K keys you need. K-Matic is a keymasher tool for the pianist to master the keys, learn the sharps and flats, and write better music.

KEYMACRO is a fantastic tool for musicians and composers. With a user-friendly interface, players can access the K keys they need to produce a piece of music with great ease.

Using the K-Matic Method™ to learn the K keys, musicians can quickly learn to play all the sharps, flats, and natural notes of the piano keyboard. After mastering the K keys, the learner can create and structure any music in any genre, with any key signature.

KEYMACRO is a tool that is ideal for composers, arrangers, pianists, songwriters, and anyone wanting to learn to write music in a variety of keys. With an easy to use interface and dynamic playing style, K-Matic is perfect for learning to use any keyboard. K-Matic is the right tool for you to create in any key.


– Have the keys memorized in your head? Learn them with K-Matic.
– Practice well, play better with K-Matic.
– Master the flats, sharps, and natural notes of any key.
– Make changes quickly using the dynamic play style, chord playing mode, and even by setting key directions to write down chords.
– Create the chords to use in any song with the chord editor and variety of positions.
– Play the chords in any key instantly using one of our 12 instruments.
– Add the C and F major chord or any other for any key.
– Easily edit chords and songs as a result of all the saved settings.
– Add an octave effect.
– Change the depth of all the keys with a single click.
– Create chords using the chord editor or keyboard.
– View the chord symbols with multiple views.
– Export and import to our other products.
– Accessorize the keyboard for different keys, from classical to blues and beyond.
– Use the built in synthesizers and scale progressions to create your own.
– See the name of any key using the up-down arrow at the top of the keyboard.
– Check out the history of any note and change the note to any other on the keyboard.
– Turn off the keyboard when not in use.
– Learn music with any key d82f892c90

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■ Call AddObjectMethod to associate a Key MACRO with a
■ Key MACRO.AddMethod will be performed automatically.
■ Calling an object method will produce a CLR2 call.
■ Before calling a method, macro parameters must be
verified and set.
■ MACRO.Key is a string that contains the
name of a key method
■ Macro parameters are specified as a string that
contains an index of a method.
■ MACRO.Key might contain only one macro
parameter. However, MACRO.MacroParameters
might contain several macro parameters,
separated by semicolons.
■ If a macro parameter contains a semicolon
(;), it must be split into two
macro parameters by a slash
character (/).
■ MACRO.Key will be evaluated and verified
before passing the resulting macro parameters
to the method.
■ Macro parameters must be verified and set.
■ To verify a macro parameter, invoke it, with the
following parameters:
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.Key: The name of a
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.KeyParameters:
The sequence of the macro parameters;
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.MacroParameters:
The parameters of the macro;
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.MacroParametersDescription:
Description of the parameters;
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.MacroResult: The
return value of the method;
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.ErrorDescription:
Description of the error, if any;
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.ErrorCode: The code
associated with the error, if any;
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.ErrorSource: The
location of the error, if any;
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.EventName: The
name of an event that is raised by the
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.EventDescription:
Description of the event, if any;
■ tbAddObjectMethod.MACRO.TriggerLevel: The
trigger level of the event