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If someone calls you, you’ll have to click [Connect] in the pipline to listen in to the call.
Clicking [Next] skips the messages and brings you to the next call in order to answer it.
Clicking [Back] goes back one call.
Clicking [Close] does the same as clicking [Back], but also ends the current call.

There’s probably not a whole lot of people typing in any Netmeeting channels 99d5d0dfd0

Another observation is that the voice the program uses is so robotic that it gave us a headache. However, this may not be a fair comment because we weren’t expecting anything better.
Is JavaSpeech easy to use?
JavaSpeech is so simple that it’s easy to get started using it. However, having built a knowledge base, you can slightly customize it. Most of the features are available from its command-line arguments:
java -jar JavaSpeech.jar –