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This is a replacement of the legacy application by the same name. MyContacts is a lightweight contact manager which was used to manage a database of contacts, events, tasks, to-do lists, birthdays and other information.

It was a replacement of the legacy application from WinSoftDesign, a user-friendly tool that’s easy to use. It includes a modern interface and a built-in search option. You can back up and restore contacts, export contacts to text files, PDF and HTML formats, create groups, switch languages, and enable debugging mode. It is completely portable, can be installed and used in a single click, and it’s also extremely easy to uninstall.

MyContacts comes with a variety of features, such as alarms for important events, the ability to save contacts photos, a good response time, and a search option. The app also helps you back up and restore the database, generate lists of birthdays and anniversaries, switch to another language, and more. MyContacts is a useful app that can be used to maintain and organize a list of contacts.


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MyContacts Portable reviews

MyContacts is a powerful and easy-to-use contacts manager that enables you to maintain and organize a list of contacts. However, the way it works can be overwhelming for a novice user.

— “MyContacts” may or may not be an accurate name for this application, as the application doesn’t appear to actually manage any kind of database, just file export and import functionality. After setup, the program will let you create, export and import contacts from and to a specified file name. There is a search feature available as well.

The program has a rather simple and clean interface that is quite pleasing to look at. But this is not the case with the manual. Although you can perform almost all of the basic tasks by using the application, it’s easy to make mistakes and end up with a corrupted or incomplete database. There are no reminders or notifiers, so you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to keeping yourself in touch with friends and colleagues.

But it’s not all bad, there is a manual that’s very detailed. The manual helps you navigate the program a little better and let you know when a contact has been modified. eea19f52d2

JChem Suite provides you with a comprehensive software bundle that provides a set of powerful tools to manage and edit information in the database you are administering for your academic or research Chemistry projects.
Supports various types of databases
While it is overly sophisticated, the installation can take a couple of minutes, depending on the resources on your computer. Upon installation, the suite creates several shortcuts on your desktop and the first step you should take is to connect to your database.
You will be happy to learn that the tool supports a wide variety of databases, included but not limited to Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and Interbase just to name a few. The database server does not have to be installed on the same machine as the manager tool if you are using the suite on a computer connected to the network.
On a side note, if you are having troubles installing or running the suite, then you should keep in mind that you can find extensive documentation on this topic and the bundle’s functionality on the developer’s website.
Packs several tools that can help you with research
As you would expect, the bundle comes with several applications that enable you to manipulate database and their contents. Therefore, you can refine and organize the information in your database in MarvinSketch, a powerful editor that allows you to create and render three-dimensional structures for the reactions you are working on.
At the same time, you can perform all sorts of calculations, find out the metabolic fate of chemical compounds and make predictions of xenobiotic metabolites, transform chemical structures into canonical representations that can be seamlessly integrated into the database of your choice, just to name a few capabilities of the suite.
A powerful tool for managing Chemistry research data
All in all, JChem Suite is an extensive bundle that can provide Chemistry professionals as well as academic personnel with the means to manage, organize, edit, update, add and delete all relevant information regarding their research in the Chemistry field.Follow Me

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