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Meneré is a small software application whose purpose is to help you connect to your Feedly or Fever account and read your RSS newsfeeds right from your desktop.
User-friendly layout
In order to access the program’s functions, you are required to specify your authentication parameters for your Feedly or Fever account.
You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup that allows you to configure the dedicated parameters in no time. The primary panel is divided into several smart areas that provide quick access to your RSS newsfeeds, which are filtered by label/group and feed.
Reading options
The program gives you the possibility to simply click on the desired feed for checking out its content. Additionally, you can read the entire text via your default web browser. What’s more, you are allowed to sort the feeds by unread or saved items or make the application display all items in the primary panel.
You may mark the selected feed as read or unread, save it so you can read it later, as well as open it in your web browser. Plus, the tool lets you send the user-defined feed via your email client.
Last but not least, you can copy data to the clipboard, so you can easily paste it into other third-party applications, perform search operations, refresh the information with just one click, set up the authorized accounts (add or delete them), as well as use hotkeys (they cannot be reassigned).
Bottom line
All in all, Meneré comes packed with some handy features for helping you check out your RSS newsfeeds via your Feedly or Fever account, and is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.



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Do you need to quickly and easily integrate a serial port interface into your application?

Do you need to monitor the status of the port such as: opened, locked, error?

Does your device use hardware or software interrupt for sending data?

Does the use of events suit your application and design better than event listeners?

Using event handlers will enable you to see all these details in action.

ZylSerialPort Features:

Allows your application to interact with a serial port without the need for any hardware.

The software package uses a hardware interrupt to send serial data to a serial port.

It provides an efficient way to send and receive serial data.

This component is designed to handle any port configuration, both configured hardware and configured software based port.

This component supports hardware port configurations including UART, TTY, PCMCIA, Plug and Play, USB, IrDA and Bluetooth.

ZylSerialPort Components:

ZylSerialPort Examples:

The following are some examples of applications that uses ZylSerialPort. All of them are ready to be used as is, if you choose to download and try them out.


Delphi 7

Windows Mobile

A driver using the UART interface to transmit and receive GSM data.

A USB to RS-232 example using ZylSerialPort.

The following are some serial port examples using ZylSerialPort. All of them are ready to be used as is, if you choose to download and try them out.

USB to Serial (RS232) – A generic example showing how to use a USB device as a virtual serial port.

UART to Serial (RS232) – A generic example showing how to use a UART device as a virtual serial port.

Misc. examples showing ZylSerialPort in action.

Please check out our blog for more articles and how-to’s.

Also, you may want to check out our gallery for pictures and screens of the ZylSerialPort components.Q:

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I have a simple Cocos2d-X app that renders a scene. I want to make it so that the app launches into a full-screen splash screen when the app is opened, then fades out after 3 seconds. How can I do this? I’ve been looking into the