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Kentec Loop Explorer

Kentec Electronics Limited
Installation process for Kentec Syncro addressable fire alarms
Finally I have been able to install the EMS version of Kentec’s Loop Explorer. Prior to that, I had installed it successfully twice. When I went to install it for the third time, the installation failed. The system would automatically reinstall the version that it had previously installed, i.e., it would reinstall the version 6.0082. This version is no longer available.
I downloaded the version 6.0036 and had it work well. I learned from the instructions that are on the site that I need to download and install the latest version of the EMS (EMS Syncro V6.0082). Using the version 6.0036, I downloaded the zip file and ran the executable file. This I found was successful.
The instructions on the website to follow are for a version that has not yet been released. For those who run into this version, it will resolve this issue. If you run into any problems, please get in touch with us (Kentec).
For troubleshooting any problems you have after installing, please refer to the websites below.
Kentec Loop Explorer
Kentec Electronics Ltd
How to uninstall Loop Explorer Version EMS Version 6.0082 by Kentec Electronics Ltd? Learn how to remove Loop Explorer Version EMS Version .
If you are already running the EMS version of the Loop Explorer, and you are having problems, please email us (Kentec) with your thoughts about the program, and include your fire alarm system type and a couple of back ups of your alarm status and logs.
Kentec Loop Explorer
Kentec Electronics Ltd
Loop Explorer Version EMS Version 6.0082
To add to this, please add your thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions, and anything else you think I might like to know.
I was able to get the EMS Version working on my system. However, I have a dual channel GE controllable loop. I have noticed that the loops can show almost infinite time here when I show a number like 8 seconds. I show 8 seconds and when I move my slider a few times it will show a value like 1000 or 1280. I’m not sure if this has something to do with the .
Kentec Loop Explorer
Kentec Electronics Ltd
Free download link: Loop Explorer version EMS V6.0082
I was able to get the EMS Version working on my system. However, I have a dual channel

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July 21, 2019 ·
How to Install Kentec Loop Explorer, Download the Free Loop Explorer by Kentec Electronics Ltd. Install it & start configuring your machines with Loop Explorer.
Contact Us: [email protected]
I installed the Loop Explorer on my Win7/64 computer and was unable to change any of the settings (frequency range, etc.) I tried to change the settings from the Project -> Options but it did not appear to work. What am I doing wrong?
June 23, 2019 · Hello, I am trying to download kentec loop explorer v6.0618. I am having a few issues but thought to start with the download.
I have a modern windows 8 pro computer, you can see my process below.
– Windows 8.1 64 bit
– Hyper-V
– AVAST scan not installed
– No antivirus
– No firewall
– No autoupdate running
– Windows updates running.
– Google Chrome Latest
I have downloaded the latest version as of today (at 2300 hrs) from the main Kentec site.
I have downloaded the main zip file and clicked the exe and wm install button on the download page.
Once completed, I opened the wm interface and it is not recognised.
What are the other options to get kentec loop explorer to run?
Is there a wm image that can be loaded?
Hi, Scott. Have you tried to run the installer, double-clicking the install file from your download folder? Is it showing an error?
No, it’s working. I didn’t see any error. But I can’t change the frequency range. In the main window there is an option for frequency and the range but nothing to choose the frequency.
The feature to be able to select the frequency by yourself is a very important one. I try to explain you why.
If you work with an office with more than one tenant or with users working from home, you need to set the frequency (or range of frequencies) to be used by a specific tenant.
For example, if you would like to have in the range