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Arbitrary user defined keys in ASCII.
Number of minutes to keep the time server connection open.
What kind of time synchronization are we doing? (Winsync, Redetect, NTP, etc.)
Command to use for synchronizing.
Command to use for NTP-synchronizing.
Use the NTP protocol to automatically find time servers and redetect them.
ID of the NTP server we will attempt to synchronize with.
ID of the atomic clock NTP server we will synchronize with.
ID of the Redetection time server.
ID of the atomic clock redetection time server.
ID of the NTP server that holds the time of the atomic clock.
ID of the atomic clock NTP server that holds the time of the atomic clock.
Time of the atomic clock at the time sync starts.
Time of the atomic clock at the time sync starts.
Does the computer currently have a clock?
Does the computer currently have an atomic clock?
Returned when a successful synchronization occurs.
ID of the local clock.
Should the clocks be adjusted for the user’s timezone, or UTC?
Should the clock be adjusted for daylight savings time, or just UTC?
If DST is disabled, should the clock be adjusted for daylight savings time, or just UTC?
First time server (for NTP only).
Second time server (for NTP only).
Third time server (for NTP only).
Fourth time server (for NTP only).
First time server (for SNTP only).
Second time server (for SNTP only).
SNTPNTPS 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a versatile batch macro recorder. Keymacro records macros of any keystrokes on your keyboard and plays them back as if the user were typing them manually. Keymacro contains many different macros that can be bound to different hotkeys or just play on-the-fly, and it can also save and re-load macros.
Keymacro is unique in that it records macros from a dedicated application and doesn’t run the actual application itself. This makes it possible to record and playback macros from your application with just a few lines of code.
Keymacro can work in real time. That is, it records macros and then plays them back in a continuous fashion as the user types. This means that no matter how fast the user types, Keymacro will keep up. This feature is extremely useful for recording and testing complex commands.
Using Keymacro is as simple as defining the hotkey and the action you want the macros to perform. You then define the macros in a simple syntax that Keymacro will understand. These macros can be saved as a script and replayed at any time.
Keymacro is a universal and powerful batch macro recorder that is completely free.
• The number one reason for creating Keymacro was to make it easy to create macros for use in the video editing and recording programs! Now you can do this from any application simply by recording the keystrokes and the action you want to perform on the file. You can do everything from selecting a file to cropping to splitting videos. Using macros as if you were using a hardware solution allows you to produce results like never before.
• Want to create a simple batch script for your favorite command line tool? Then use Keymacro to record the keystrokes and run the commands. The result is a simple set of keystrokes that can be run any time and in any application.
• Want to record macros and use them while playing a game? No problem! You can record macros while playing your game, then trigger them using hotkeys. This allows you to automate complex and repetitive actions.
• Want to record a series of macros without having to worry about where you save them? Using Keymacro saves macros as you type them, and then you can just drop them into any folder to save them later.
• Want to capture the important events in a process? Keymacro supports capturing hotkeys for launching an application, macros for playback, commands to start