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Main features:


Choice of 4 setting:

Sound 1: auto
Sound 2: -40/-60dB
Sound 3: -80/-100dB
Sound 4: -120/-140dB

Effect can be fitted to the knobs 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Example usage:

Sound to sound:
Bass sound – 50/70db and 120/140dB
Mid sound – 100/130dB
Treble sound – 70/80dB
Volume – -60/90dB


OnSound 2: -40dB and -60dB
OnSound 3: -80dB and -100dB
OnSound 4: -120dB and -140dB
Volume: -60dB

Use the square buttons to select sound level to control.

Instrument Analysis:

The VST plugin module has two busses.

The first one is for the sound effects.
The second one is for the waveforms.

The main waveform is not used for the sound effects.
It is only a reference to the audio signals as a whole.
The busses are there for convenience to control the sound effects.

The control knobs are active for the input signal.
The knob controls are independent of the control knobs of the sound effects.

The VST effects can be fitted to the four control knobs or to the OnSound busses.

The VST effects can control the frequency and the sound level in the entire host program.

The program will provide optimal sound without distortion.
The correction settings will be kept even in complex modulations.

The VST equalizer effects are independent of the music signals.
It is a self contained equalizer.
This effect can be used to equalize entire drum tracks or an entire song.

The VST EQ equalizer can be controlled and fitted by the following knobs:

Sound 1: Bass
Sound 2: Mid
Sound 3: Treble

The sound level knobs can be used to adjust the distortion or to control the volume.
The attack/decay knobs will adjust the sound level of the sound effect.

The volume knob can be used to adjust the overall volume of the song.

Also the VST Equalizer can be 384a16bd22

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