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Touchpad Blocker is a utility to help you block your mouse from unwanted taps and movements. This is a very useful application as it blocks most common gestures on the touchpad. It also plays beep sounds when you accidentally tap on the touchpad.
Touchpad Blocker Features:
* Single application: simple, intuitive and easy to use
* Locks the touchpad from accidental taps and movements
* Blocks clicks in the specified keys
* Blocks wheel movement
* Will not ask for admin permission to install
* Plays beep sound when an accidental tap is detected
* Customize the hotkey to run the application
* Customize the time period of the blocking.
* Adjusts to every individual PC.
* Customizable sound to be played whenever the blocking has been activated
* No annoying advertisements and sound
* No complex usage of user interface
* Customize the timeout period
* Temporarily disable the mouse from moving by touching the touchpad

Download free from the link below:

Win64 (64-bit) Full Version

Win32 (32-bit) Full Version

Please see the video demo below:

Note: If you have any issue about.7z file please use Winzip to extract.

Version history

Version 1.0 – Released on Aug 13, 2009
– Removed older versions from the website

Version 2.0 – Released on Aug 31, 2010
– Updated to latest version of Windows
– Added option to disable beep sounds

Version 2.1 – Released on Nov 23, 2010
– Improved interface
– Improved compatibility
– Improved notification box
– Minor fixes

Version 2.2 – Released on May 17, 2011
– Improved compatibility
– Improved detection

Version 2.3 – Released on Sep 12, 2012
– Improved compatibility
– Improved detection
– Minor fixes

Version 3.0 – Released on Jan 5, 2013
– Improved detection
– Removed other components from the utility.
– Few other minor fixes
– Fixed other bugs reported by the users
– Added new feature to control when the blocking will be activated
– Improved interface on eea19f52d2

The application allows you to automate the loading of your Web Applications Environments (WAEs) and monitors performance metrics on the execution of the business process.

The application stores all of your test cases, sessions, and results on a server-based database. The stored data is then indexed and analyzed to produce a load test report.

The application automatically records all of the application states, including security and workload fluctuations, so that you can easily pinpoint the causes of any anomalies in performance metrics.

1. Download, run, test and review the application.
2. Record and publish your scripts.
3. Use AgileLoad Test Center to perform load testing.
4. View the load test report.

How To Start This:

1. Select the path of the repository.
2. Create or import the scripts that you want to use.
3. Create any number of collector scripts that are used to capture test cases.
4. Start the performance test.
5. Review your results.

Tested on: Windows 8.1 32bit/64bit

How To Add This:

AgileLoad Test Center was tested on Windows 8.1 32bit/64bit. However, you can also use it on other operating systems.

AgileLoad Test Center is designed for:

Oracle Applications (PL/SQL, JDBC)

Microsoft (MS-SQL, Excel, Access)


Oracle Applications (Web, EJB)

Microsoft (WCF, WSS)

IBM – SQL (WebSphere, DB2)


1. Great Test Tool (I):

The application was developed to help you test your application environment.

Before using the application, you are asked to specify a repository path. Then, you have the possibility to create your own scripts in order to record test scenarios. After the script is created automatically, you are able to easily generate collectors and start performance testing process.

You are offered very flexible business modeling, all options are done automatically and recorded as scripts.

2. Working with some Data Sources:

The application uses 2 types of databases:

Test (native) database:

You are able to use native SQL statements to capture test scenarios or update existing scripts. The application uses a native database and SQL-server dialect that provides better performance during test and doesвђ-video-and-live-stream-player-v5-0-6-premium-apk-latest/