When installing a liner how do I get past a damper?

If you are installing a liner, you will need to get past a damper. There are two ways to get past the damper. The first way is to covert from a round liner to an oval liner. This will have to be done at the damper housing, where you will have to convert back to round when you reach the stove or fireplace.

The other way to get past a damper is to cut the damper housing, so you keep the same diameter lining from the bottom of the fireplace or stove to the top of the chimney. This is the most preferred way to install a liner and it is easier to clean it, too. If you choose to do the converting option to get past a damper, then it is more costly to do it this way, and it can make cleaning  more difficult. The reason it can cost more is because you are required to purchase more adapters, plus the oval pipe.

These are the two ways to install a liner and getting past the damper. It may seem difficult, but if you choose the second option, then it is much easier, and affordable. Chim-Fab can also give you advice on installing a liner, and getting past the damper. We are the leading chimney supply store in Connecticut. We have all chimney liners in stock, and they are all made in the USA. Our chimney liners come with an amazing lifetime warranty.

Contact Chim-Fab today, and let us help you get past the damper, and assist you in installing your chimney liner with ease.