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RapidShare is a premium file-sharing website that offers you a safe and reliable way to share files with other users, and lets you store your files online for free.
RapidShare can be used in several ways:
1. Sharing Files. There are several ways to share files with other users.
a. You can upload files to RapidShare from other applications, by using RapidShare Uploader or RapidShare FTP tool.
b. You can share files from a computer directly with RapidShare by using the RapidShare API.
2. Download Files. You can download files stored online on RapidShare directly from your computer, through RapidShare Downloader.
3. Browse Files. You can also get full access to all files stored on RapidShare by browsing the public and private folders.
RapidShare Toolbar Features:
RapidShare Toolbar is specially designed to be your main browsing tool. It is integrated into Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and will work with any computer running Microsoft Windows operating system.
RapidShare Toolbar comes with more than 50 pre-installed gadgets that provide you with useful tools for your Internet activity.
Here are a few of them:
1. Fast speed tool. This gadget allows you to check your Internet speed and connection availability. The gadget also shows the current location of the broadband modem and guides you to the best server, so that your browsing and downloading experience will be faster.
2. Download tool. This gadget allows you to download files from RapidShare directly to your computer. You can either use the built-in download manager or download files directly to your hard disk using RapidShare Downloader.
3. Weather gadget. This gadget will display the current local weather for a specific location. You can also view the weather for multiple locations.
4. Cache and history. You can clear browse cache and history and get notified each time you leave the browser. You can also use the history to check recent searches.
5. Tweak settings. You can set this gadget to hide or show the toolbar at the top of the browser window.
6. E-mail gadget. This gadget displays the current number of new e-mail messages and notifications from other e-mail applications.
7. Notifications gadget. You can also view the amount of new e-mails and notifications received by RapidShare.
8. Notifications and gadgets tool. This tool will show all active gadgets on the toolbar.
9. Notifications. You can set up 70238732e0

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* Drag the pattern for each drum component to a sequence and specify number of hits on the pad per beat.
* Padding can be done in four locations: top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right.
* Configure sequencer padding, input pad, output device, and master volume.
* A real-time visual preview of the loaded pattern.
* Sets the overall tempo of the kit, with tempo set for each track.
* Ability to save configuration.
* Rearrange tracks, which keeps the same arrangement for the drum parts.
* A visual column display for each drum component.
* Midi CCs can be used to control the kit.
* Overall volume can be adjusted.
* Reverb is a custom multi-tap reverb for each drum component.
* Rereverb setting for the hi-hat.
* Reverb setting for the bass drum.
* Effects can be applied to the kit, with an interface which supports built-in reverb effects.
* Pads can be defined for the click-time, sound-on-snare, and the sound-on-tom-toms.
* Pads can be defined for the sound-on-hi-hat, and the snare-shake.
* A custom sound-on-cymbal can be set.
* Multi-stop and multi-tap settings for the reverb, reverb 2, reverb 3, and reverb 4.
* A custom sample can be loaded for each drum component.
* The sample loop can be edited to adjust the pitch and play time.
* For the hi-hat, a delay setting can be loaded from the right.
* Drum kit presets can be loaded, including a custom sound-on-cymbal, and a custom sound-on-snare.
* Use midi CCs to control the kit.
* A sequence of chord shapes can be used to control the kit.
* MIDI CCs can be assigned to each drum component to control the kit.
* A sample can be loaded for the hi-hat.
* MIDI CC can be assigned for the hi-hat pitch control.
* MIDI CCs can be assigned for the tom-tom pitch control.
* A sample can be loaded for the tom-tom.
* MIDI CC can be assigned for the tom-tom pitch control.
* MIDI CCs can be assigned to each