KEYMACRO is a fast and easy-to-use application that enables you to automate typing.
For starters, it automatically recognizes all the URLs, file paths, filenames, and text you type into the program, making it easier to work with. Moreover, thanks to the visual feedback, KEYMACRO helps you to create your own combinations, just like you do when using a typewriter.
The application is also capable of creating macros for you. Say, for example, you’d like to combine the words “New” and “York” into “New York”. It’s all up to you. And thanks to its “Snippets” feature, you can also assign a visual feedback to those macros.
As with all Keyboard Macro application, the program provides you with a visual confirmation that it has recognized your keystrokes. Moreover, the application also offers you a number of settings. The settings window enables you to adjust all the parameters of the application such as the way it highlights the results, the color of the results, the size of the text, and more.
The interface is also pretty clean. For example, the “Recent” window enables you to quickly open recently created macros, while the “Macros” window provides you with a complete overview of all macros you’ve created in the past. The “Help” window even has a visual version of the application’s FAQ (short for “Frequently Asked Questions”).
KEYMACRO Keystrokes:
KEYMACRO provides you with some useful keystrokes that can get you started. They can also help you to create your own macros in a lot less time.
+ M: Quickly create a macro by typing the first character followed by an underscore and the number of keystrokes you want.
+ W: Add to existing macro, with a specific name and a specific number of keystrokes.
+ E: Delete all keys from the current macro.
+ C: Create a new macro that starts with the same character as the current macro.
+ Shift + C: Create a new macro that starts with the same character as the previous macro.
The app also features the following keyboard shortcuts:
o Z: Quickly open and select the macro you want to edit.
o X: Deletes a macro from the list.
o Q: Quits KEYMACRO. d82f892c90

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Keymacro is a powerful tool to keep your PC safe, and you can only unlock your PC by a USB flash drive or another device you have purchased, and this USB key is completely safe to lose. There is no need to carry a wallet for it, while it takes up no room on your desktop. The size of it is just about 4-5cm by 2cm, so it is a perfect choice. Please download Keymacro from the official website. It is very easy to use and install. Please feel free to contact the customer service if you have any problems.
Features of Keymacro:
1. Password protection and data encryption
2. Puts Your PC into Standby mode or Suspend mode for 15 minutes in one click
3. All your important data is safe in Keymacro
4. Scan device to find hidden Keymacro on USB drive, floppy disk, external storage
5. The product supports many kinds of USB device, including the PC Card, the mini USB, the USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 plug, the smart card, the serial device, etc.
6. All the USB ports can be used by Keymacro
7. Insert the USB flash drive, the USB hard drive, the floppy disk or the CD into the USB port. The product will detect the device automatically and then put your PC into Standby mode or Suspend mode.
8. The product can protect your PC by preventing unauthorized access, so it can protect your important data, operating system, and anti-virus program.
9. It is also a hardware key, no third-party software is needed. If the USB flash drive is lost, you will not lose the data stored in it.
10. The system support both 32-bit and 64-bit operation, both the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows can be protected by Keymacro.
How to use Keymacro:
1. Insert the USB flash drive or other devices into your USB port, and then click to “protect” your PC.
2. Just plug the USB flash drive or other devices in the USB port, the product will work without the user’s intervention.
3. You may control the devices connected with Keymacro when the PC is in Standby mode or Suspend mode.
4. The system will automatically detect the connected devices, you may close the device or restart the PC to avoid any adverse consequences.
5. All the USB