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○ 3d modeling tool
○ includes a library of implicit customizable objects
○ detailed editing panel
○ includes a game engine
○ variety of uv maps
○ includes source code for free conversion
○ 25 extra modeling tools
– Changelog:
1. May 20, 2020
– Updated content of external libraries to new version, and adapted to the last OpenMPI and OpenBlitz environments.
– Optimized for Intel® Architecture Skylake and AMD Ryzen™ processors (1.0.5).
– New game engine (1.0.4).
– Added libraries for external rendering (OpenMPI and OpenBlitz).
– Added graphics quality settings (0.0.1).
– New modeling tools and external libraries (0.0.2).
– Added the ability to optimize for Intel® Architecture processors (0.0.4).
– Added more materials in the library.
– Optimized for Intel® Architecture processors (0.0.4)
– New rendering engine (0.0.6).
– Re-worked libraries to the latest OpenMPI and OpenBlitz.
– Source code for free conversion to OpenMPI or OpenBlitz.
– New scene windows (0.0.7)
– Bump map tools (0.0.7)
– Support for additional OpenBlitz files.
– Support for additional OpenMPI files.
– OpenGL support for GPU rendering.
– Support for additional external libraries.
– Optimized for Intel® Architecture S1200 and S1300 processors (0.1.0).
– Optimized for Intel® Architecture Zen+ processors (0.1.0).
– Fixed a bug where the program was not correctly started up (0.2.0).
– Fixed some bug with external rendering (0.2.0).
– Minor bug fixes.
– Support for new engines.
– Added more material types (0.3.0).
– Added more materials (0.4.0).
– Added an option to render objects using OpenGL (0.5.0).
– New models and materials in the library.
– Fixed several bugs with rendering (0.5.0).
– Fixed a bug that caused an error while loading external library files (0.6.0). 70238732e0

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Having taught ethics classes for almost a decade, I developed and teach an academic ethics course for 7th graders at a public high school in the inner city of New York. Students, all at-risk and from diverse backgrounds, have learned about the ethics and fairness of the Internet, as well as how to use it appropriately. They have learned that the Internet is a public resource; that we all must “play fair” and be responsible users of this complex resource. They have learned about the nuances of the international agreement called the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and about the dangers of misrepresenting your identity to get what you want on the Internet.
They also have learned about the benefits of the Internet and what it has meant for the development of information and technologies in their lives. For many, this has been a significant opportunity in an educational system that has not necessarily valued knowledge or critical thinking skills. They have also learned that the Internet, unlike television or film, is a place where you can express yourself without being censored and where you have the freedom to say things that you might not say in any other context. In the classroom we have also discussed the issue of “bullying” on the Internet, how the responsibility to watch out for and help those who are victimized on the Internet is more important than protecting our own rights as bullies, and ways to avoid getting into a “feeding frenzy” on the Internet.
The course is designed to last for four years and includes daily classroom interaction, homework assignments, extensive Internet usage, an “on line” student response system, and finally, a paper based final exam and self reflection activity to be completed and submitted online.
Sample Notes and Quizzes from the Student Learning Assessment, 2013 Edition:
Responses to selected detailed questions from the student learning assessment, 2013:
How do you learn about the Internet:
In class?
On my own?
Online courses?
Through lectures?
Through videos or websites?
What do you know about the Internet?
What information do you find on the Internet?
What information do you like on the Internet?
What information do you find on the Internet that is wrong or dangerous?
What information do you find on the Internet that is funny?
What information do you find on the Internet that is harmful to others?
How do you use the Internet:
For fun?
For work?
For school?
What do you do on the Internet?
What do you use the Internet for?