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Quietly sits in the tray area most of the times
One of the first things which needs to be mentioned is that the application requires Java Runtime Environment to function, which you can choose to deploy through the installer in case it’s not already on your computer.
The application minimizes to the tray area right from the start, and it’s the place where you find most of the options. Unlike regular download managers, this one doesn’t integrate into any web browser, but this is probably because it’s not exactly a download manager. In fact, it’s mostly a way to have one or more file constantly watched and alerts issued whenever changes are detected.
Unattended check and download of target items
All added tasks are found in the surveillance window. It’s also possible to create new ones from here, as well as from the associated tray menu. Only a few requirements are required for a new task, such as the URL to watch, a comment, as well as a destination for the new files.
On the bright side of things, you don’t have to manually add all files you want to watch. The application offers the possibility to import multiple URLs from a list, given it’s under the TXT format.
By default, the application scans the given URLs as soon as it’s launched. You can forcefully check the list at any moment. When changes are detected, you can choose to automatically download files, inform you of a new version, or don’t download. Additionally, you can choose to have the file opened after download.
In conclusion
All in all, DownloadChecker is a neat little application which is sure to come in handy if you’re constantly on the lookout for new versions of files on websites. It can track multiple files at a time and automatically download when necessary.

Just recently, Apple introduced Mac OS X 10.9, the so-called “Mavericks”, and it’s already a buzz. It’s quite a disappointment for those of you who’ve been expecting an update in the new mobile operating system, as the iOS 8 didn’t follow the same pace. The task of mapping all the changes is very time-consuming, but the benefits of it will certainly be high. In fact, if you’re looking for some improvements, then the new OS will certainly make your life easier.
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Oculus SDK is an application framework that enables VR-capable systems to interact with their user. It is composed of a number of components, each of which has their own specific function. To be able to implement most of the features of VR, it is necessary to run Oculus Runtime at the same time.
– LibOVR
– OpenVR
– XInput
– XR Host
– XR Host API

This SDK includes the ability to render models and textures that were previously created on a local system using the Maya 2012. In addition, it includes the full Unity3D engine for developing game projects.
This SDK includes the OpenGL 4.0 API (core and compatibility profiles), which provides you with the most basic OpenGL functionality.
In addition to this, it is possible to add Unity specific extensions to the API, such as HLSL compiler.
In addition, this SDK includes a code generator that is capable of generating code for both C++ and C#, as well as Python and JavaScript APIs.
This SDK also includes a large number of UI elements, and several extensions to Unity, all of which are made available to programmers, in order to build their own games or application components.
In addition, this SDK includes a version of the LibOVR library that does not require either RTTI support or exception handling.
Also, this SDK includes the support for in-process COM components.
Unity3D description:
Unity is a complete integrated solution for 3D animation, game design and development, and tooling. It is an industry leading game engine, used by many big game studios, media and advertising companies, independent game developers and students.
– Mobile Platform
– Editor
– iOS
– Android
– PS4
– Windows
– Mac
– Linux
– Xbox 360
– Linux
– Web Player

This SDK includes the IMSDK for generating the IMSDK
source code from a supported.NET Framework version.
The SDK for Windows includes all Windows SDKs.
This SDK includes a range of controls and buttons for building games and applications for desktop and mobile devices.
It includes support for building applications for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10.
This SDK can be easily integrated with Visual Studio 2015 and 2013.
It is also possible to build the Unity3D engine for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android platforms using the Unity3D 2018.3 or 2017.4 SDK.