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Every cricket fanatic dreams of
playing for his country
and while there is a long
way to go, a player’s dream
soon becomes a reality with the
Cricket Fever Network website
which gives you the opportunity to play even a single match of the game for free.


The Cricket Fever Network website provides you with information regarding the England and Wales Cricket Board’s
cricket season as well as teams like Scotland, South Africa, Australia, India, New Zealand and Sri Lanka
to name a few. The application also features the latest on the game, its history, and a whole lot of features that
help you in learning the game and enjoy the game.

Through the cricket fever network, you can register for free and play the cricket fever network’s
freeplay application. As a free player, you are not bound to register for a league,
freeplay allows you to play as many matches as you want at any time of the day or night.

The website also allows you to watch the live cricket matches that are being played all over the globe.

■ Yahoo Widget Engine


The World Cricket Rankings India
is the world’s largest independent
cricket stats tracking site, created by
Yahoo!. With this application you will
be able to track the rankings in live


The rankings India application
is the simplest way to track the
cricket rankings. This website will
allow you to track the rankings in
live matches, not just in the cricket
season, but also for leagues, test
series, etc.

It is powered by cricketassist.com,
the web’s largest cricket statistics

The features of the application are as

The application works on all the
browsers, and is compatible with
Tablet devices.

The application provides you with a
complete overview of the rankings
India at any given time.

You can see the live rankings on
the application at any given time.

■ Yahoo Widget Engine


World Series Cricket Rankings – ESPN
is a cricket statistics tracker that
helps you track cricket rankings in
live matches, including leagues, test
series, and cup matches. ce698b3d9e

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Simple Barcode Maker
Password Manager
Log Executed Programs
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Amazing WebTV

Here you will find some tweaks which are generally safe and would only make your system faster.
All tweaks in this guide has been tested by me using a default windows 7 system, all tweaks are compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
This is not a finished guide, just the first thoughts, and a place to start.
Always follow good information security practices. Read and use the advice of other users.
There are many things you can tweak to enhance your system performance, and this guide is just a starting point. There are many more tweaks and registry tweaks you can find on the web, but with this guide I try to keep it simple and basic, the simplicity is its strength.

Important Note: The instructions in this guide are not guaranteed to work. If you have any problems, feel free to PM me or read the comments on this thread.

General tweaks:

User Account Control: Turn on/off control screen withing the active Desktop icons (System, Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc.)
Turn off the system tray icons.
Lower Appbar height to 0 pixels. (Windows 7 Home, Professional, Ultimate)
Increased CPU Speed.
Increase RAM size.
Turn off Indexer Services.
Disable Automatic Installation of Software when installing from the network.
Disable Automatic Startup of Services
Change the default window theme.
Adjust autocasting levels.
Decrease interface animation speed.
Hide (not show) notifications in Taskbar, Start Menu, and Notification Area.
Set your computer to load faster.
Turn off System Restore.
Turn off System Restore by force (disabled by default).
Turn off System Restore by force (disabled by default).
Install/upgrade to Windows 8.
(Only on 64-bit Vista/Windows 7 Home/Professional 32-bit or 64-bit machines)
To uninstall:
Uninstall Virtual Memory.
Uninstall ACRYLIC:

First, you need to download and install the trial version. Then right-click the icon and select uninstall. There is no need to reboot.

1. Open the folder in which