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Shadow Copy Cloner supports the following extra tools:
– “Microsoft Disk Administrator” (requires a “Microsoft Windows Disk Administrator” license)
– “Logical Disk Manager” (requires a “Microsoft Windows Logical Disk Manager” license)
– “Active@ Partition Recovery” (requires a “Microsoft Windows Live!” license)
– “NTFC” (from the “Microsoft Windows NTFS for DOS” package)
– “Deleted File Recovery” (from the “Microsoft Windows NTFS for DOS” package)
– “Microsoft Disk Defragmenter” (requires a “Microsoft Windows NTFS for DOS” license)
– “TrueTech Volume Cleaner” (requires a “TrueTech” license)
– “Microsoft Windows NT Backup” (requires a “Microsoft Windows NT Backup” license)
– “Windows XP Backup” (requires a “Microsoft Windows XP Backup” license)
– “Windows Vista Backup” (requires a “Microsoft Windows Vista Backup” license)
– “Windows 7 Backup” (requires a “Microsoft Windows 7 Backup” license)
– “Windows 8 Backup” (requires a “Microsoft Windows 8 Backup” license)
– “Windows 8.1 Backup” (requires a “Microsoft Windows 8.1 Backup” license)
– “Backup Now!” (requires a “Microsoft Backup Now!” license)
– “Backup Now!” with “Restore Now!” (requires a “Microsoft Backup Now!” license)
– “Repair & Restore” (requires a “Microsoft Windows Backup” license)
– “Scan Now!” (requires a “Microsoft Windows Backup” license)
– “Repair” (requires a “Microsoft Windows Backup” license)
– “Repair” with “Restore” (requires a “Microsoft Windows Backup” license)
– “Backup Disk Image File” (requires a “Microsoft Windows Backup” license)
– “Backup Disk Image File and Restore Disk Image File” (requires a “Microsoft Windows Backup” license)
– “Backup and Restore Active Directory” (requires a “Microsoft Active Directory Recovery” license)
– “Backup and Restore Active Directory to NAS” (requires a “Microsoft Active Directory Recovery” license)
– “Backup and Restore to Sharepoint” (requires a “Microsoft Office 365 Service” license)
– “Backup and Restore to Sharepoint and Sharepoint to NAS” (requires a “Microsoft Office 365 Service” license) 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is an advanced macro recorder for Windows. Keymacro can record just about anything that you can execute on the keyboard.
Keymacro lets you record macros so that you can save a lot of time when you need to do repetitive tasks.
Keymacro can record just about anything that you can execute on the keyboard.
It lets you record macros that you can replay later.
It can record mouse clicks, keystrokes, text, pictures, sounds, video, files, databases, database queries, clipboard content, or any other types of files that you can save in the clipboard.
Keymacro can record and replay:
mouse clicks
clipboard content
databases queries
In addition to recording and replaying, Keymacro lets you store all the files, pictures, sound and databases into their respective folders and allows you to select the output destination.
Keymacro also allows you to preview all recorded and replayed keystrokes to check that they are working correctly and to make sure that they are saved correctly.
You can use hotkeys to control the recorded keystrokes.
It has two modes of operation.
You can use Quick/Quick-Quick to record one set of macros and use Fast/Fast-Fast to replay the recorded macros.
Keymacro has many different features that you can record:
Misc. commands for applications, such as calculator, Notepad, Notepad++, TextPad, Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, etc.
Screenshot and snapshot commands for taking pictures and recording images
Triggers for visual notifications, including MS Office’s Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros
Keymacro lets you choose the recorded text, images, videos and database queries to be stored in text files, zip archives, Microsoft Excel worksheets, SQL database queries or query files.
You can also choose whether to archive and compress the files.
Keymacro lets you select the output folder to store your recorded files and also lets you choose the output audio format.
Keymacro is a valuable tool for recorders and macro developers.
Powerful customization:
Keymacro allows you to choose how you want to customize its interface. You can choose which features you want to include, customize the speed of the recording/playback, choose the location of where you want to store the files, change the speed of the recorded