CT Chimney Lines Provided for Dedicated Community Member

A former police officer called us and inquired about our products and services. This retired public servant was enjoying his willful lack of involvement in the daily grind, and one of his favorite pastimes was a fairly common one. He would sit by his fireplace while reading the newspaper or a good detective novel, and sometimes he would simply recline with a glass of scotch and a fresh pipeful of tobacco while staring contentedly into the calming flames, gleefully reflecting on a life dedicated to serving the peace. We caught this all from one phone call, so before the polite (and slightly longwinded) gentleman could go on any further we asked if he needed a specific chimney service here in Connecticut. He went on to describe his chimney situation, and a classic picture of an overused and under-maintained chimney began to form in our minds.

We assured him we offered the best chimney liners in CT, and that we could set him up with the components and contractors that could service all of his needs. He was very impressed with our professionalism and knowledge, and we spent quite a bit of time discussing the ins-and-outs of chimney components with him. He was blown away at how courteously we were able to educate him, and he was astounded at how little he knew about something that was an oft-used centerpiece in his home. Needless to say, we satisfied his chimney needs and, as usual, went above and beyond in our service of a customer’s Connecticut chimney store needs.