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The Periodic Table is a chart many of us first say when we first started to learn Chemistry. It consists of 118 chemical elements that are arranged based on various criteria better known as the electron affinity or atomic radius. Collizion is a tool designed to help you learn the Periodic Table along with numerous facts about the chemical elements on your PC.
Includes some basic information about each element
Following a quick installation, you are welcomed by a simple interface displaying the Periodic Table along with the elements organized as in a standard school chart. Since the elements are arranged as in a standard Chemistry book, it can be used to study groups of elements that share similar properties.
You will be happy to learn that clicking on any of the elements brings forth a new window with additional information. Besides the full name and abbreviation, you can also find out the atomic number, mass, electronegativity, type, uses and who has discovered it. Moreover, the elements also have a short description specifying various details as it rarity, color, whether it can be found standalone or in combination with other elements, so on and so forth.
It could use some extra features for helping you memorize the elements
While the application is quite simple, it would have been helpful if it came with some sort of quiz to test your knowledge and hence, lend a hand with preparing for a Chemistry test. For instance, the app can include a flash card mini game that enables you to specify basic information about random elements.
All in all, Collizion is a user-friendly application that provides essential data about the elements of the Periodic Table. Although it would be nice to have some extra features to boost learning the elements, it does come with data that you could make flash cards after.







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* Provides you with data on the 118 elements of the Periodic Table
* By using the tool, you will also be able to obtain detailed information about the various chemical elements
* The app also has a built-in mini-game to help you memorize the elements, as well as a list of the 118 elements to download

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This app is designed to help you master the principles of Natural Science.
-Everything is done in a completely graphical way
-Unique card quiz game which helps you memorize the elements of the periodic table
-The app is both easy to use and user-friendly
-Excellent accuracy and usability
-Backup your work and restore it to any device, even to another compatible device.
[1] Collizion is a great tool for you to learn the Periodic Table and educate yourself to improve your knowledge of chemistry.
[2] Collizion is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP
-2GB of RAM
-2 GB available storage space
-Broadband Internet connection
-Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP
[3] If you enjoy Collizion and would like to help us continue to create, please consider supporting us.
[4] You can find a store for paid apps here:

Alternatively, you can buy Collizion directly from the App Store by clicking here:


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What’s New In?

The app is a simple tool that allows you to learn the Periodic Table. It allows you to organize the elements based on atomic number and atomic radius. It also provides brief information about each element.
Learning to learn flash cards
Personal educational tool
The app contains a basic introduction to each element in the periodic table.
The app allows you to organize the elements based on atomic number and atomic radius.
Allows you to create flash cards.
The application lacks a basic introduction and flash card game.

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System Requirements For Collizion:

Windows XP SP2 or later
OS X 10.6
Linux with Wine
Internet Explorer 8 or later
Safari 3 or later
Android 3.0 or later
iPhone 3.2 or later
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