What is a chimney relining system?

A chimney relining system is an economical way to reline your chimney. It is a stainless steel pipe that is inserted inside the existing chimney. The relining system comes complete with all the components and connectors, so it will fit properly inside the chimney. The relining system will take the place of the existing flue, which will be safe and secure for a chimney. Once the relining system has been installed, all gasses, toxins and smoke will be safely directed through the new chimney line, and outwards through the chimney, which will keep a home safe.

There are several different types of chimney relining systems. A few types include stainless steel, which is UL approved, rigid, and flexible flue relining systems. It is most versatile, and often the best choice, because it easier to work with and is long lasting, and durable. A stainless steel relining system results in less creosote buildup, and provides the homeowner with a better draft over other relining systems. It is an affordable way to reline a chimney flue.

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