Are you in need of a simple app to create customized words with a few taps?
Do you want a unique name based on a random text you input?
Would you like to create a username based on a certain text?
Do you want a different name for your pet or a name that makes you laugh?
Now, Portable ZC Trigram Generator is here to help.
If you’ve ever wanted to create a unique text name, use this app to instantly generate a random word and rearrange the letters to make it your own.
Just input a text you want to use as a source and type the word you want to transform into a unique one.
You can also use any of the built-in sources and select a style.
For instance, you can generate a random text name or use a collection of popular words or, even create one yourself by selecting a phrase.
Then, just rearrange the letters of the original text to instantly create a new word that is unique and can be used in many different places.
Anybody can use this app, the only thing that makes it unique is the way it is designed.
There’s no need to use the phone’s camera because you can use any image of the web to create a unique word for your friends or family members.
Portable ZC Trigram Generator has different themes and plenty of options to let you customize the way it looks and works.
So you can choose the style that suits your needs best and choose from 20 different fonts.
This means that you can use custom text names for your social media accounts, your pet or simply to make your friends laugh.
Portable ZC Trigram Generator features:
1- Choose a source to input your original text.
2- Rearrange the letters and instantly obtain a unique text name.
3- Customize the appearance of the generated text using a style.
4- Use any image from the web as a source.
5- Free to use, no advertisements.
6- Turn the sound off if you want to create your own unique text names.
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KeyMacro – is a simple password manager, advanced to be a powerful and multifunctional password manager and encrypted file storage.
To begin, just choose from a variety of accounts, templates, language, icon styles, background images, number, and font size.
The program allows you to store your passwords in any folder, separate them into categories, change names and descriptions of items.
KeyMacro handles all versions of Windows, including the latest, which is why it can be used in tablets, laptops, smartphones, and even to secure the whole computer.
KeyMacro allows you to create and edit passwords, which means that the program can maintain a set of different profiles for different users.
It has an easily navigable interface that allows you to keep your data neat and organized.
KeyMacro allows you to handle the passwords by making it impossible to remember or get lost.
It allows you to organize and categorize the whole library and does not require manual cleaning.
KeyMacro offers you an intuitive interface and allows you to use it regardless of the operating system you are using.
It allows you to open and edit the entire library, although its application settings are set and customizable for each version of Windows.
It can automatically store passwords and protect you from forgetting them, which is why it helps users around the world to manage all of their personal data.
KeyMacro allows you to add new items, edit the details and descriptions, and make the passwords easy to recall.
To extend its capabilities, KeyMacro supports two languages: English and Russian.
KeyMacro can create multiple folders, allowing you to organize passwords that are relevant to different topics, such as banking, business, and school.
KeyMacro’s security module is designed for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, meaning that it is not an older version.
It can work with all the latest versions of Windows, so it can be used on different platforms, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.
KeyMacro stores all of the data in the encrypted file and does not save the passwords in your browser.
Therefore, the program does not make you use the Internet at all.
To avoid problems with the help of programs like these, KeyMacro offers one-time passwords.
KeyMacro is a free program and all you need to do is download it and start using it.
Create and edit passwords
Separate passwords into categories
Automatically save passwords