· Safe, secure and convenient copy, cut, rename, move and paste
· Multi-monitor support
· Copy and paste entire folder
· Supports unicode and multi-byte characters
· Drag & drop feature
· Drag & drop entire folder
· Find and replace
· Find with regular expression search
· Customize hotkeys

Easy Clip
Easy Clip is a simple and powerful Windows clipboard manager. Easy Clip stores the clipboard, including the copied text, files, links, addresses, and even pictures, inside a virtual folder in your My Computer drive. You can use this virtual folder as the Clipboard, and make it the default copy, cut, and paste action. When you’re finished with it, it automatically erases itself, leaving no trace behind.
Practical and friendly interface
The program includes a friendly and neat user interface that makes the most of your keyboard. It gives you an outline view to quickly browse and select the files and folders you want to copy or move. You can activate the virtual folder, and then select the options for copying, moving, or renaming the current clipboard contents.
Practical functionalities
As far as the features are concerned, Easy Clip enables you to copy, cut, paste, rename, delete, move, and create virtual folders, all from the same screen. It can save, organize, search for, and print your clipboard contents. The program provides live preview and auto-sizing options to maximize your screen space, and it comes with a virtual keyboard for easier control.
Evaluation and conclusion
This tool is ready to work on both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows systems. It packs a number of useful features, such as automatic storage of the clipboard contents and the virtual folder, as well as the ability to edit, remove, paste, and move files and folders.

WinFusion (WinFusion is a powerful Windows-based software that includes tools, utilities, and applications which streamline data management. WinFusion includes a File manager, text/PDF/Image/Video converter, system/registry optimizer and editor, automated installer, and scanner software. WinFusion is ideal for data management, for computer professionals and amateurs alike.
Powerful Features
WinFusion packs quite a number of useful features. Some of them are:
· Automated installer and package manager
· File manager
· PDF/Image/Video converter
· System/registry optimizer and editor 384a16bd22

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Keymacro helps you make macros on your keyboards! Keymacro provides you with an easy way to record and playback keystrokes and mouse clicks. You can launch your keymacro using any shortcut key. It allows you to make macros for various actions such as copying, deleting, copy and paste, cut and paste and many more. You can record a macro on a mouse click. The recorded mouse click are done just like a normal mouse click.
How to use keymacro?
Keymacro allows you to record any event on your mouse click. You can record several events at once. You can also play back your recorded events.
Keymacro can be use with different type of keyboard. For example, you can record keystrokes for normal computer keyboards or QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, COLEMAK, DIN, DVORAK, GIFNISH, KAYAK, SHIFT, T9, EURO, QWERTZ+US and others. You can choose the keyboard that you want to use from the main window.
Keymacro allows you to record the keystrokes in two ways. One is the hotkey recording. This feature enables you to record the keystrokes you are typing. When you stop recording the keystrokes, it will store them into the clipboard. You can paste this into an email, word document or any other application.
You can also record mouse clicks. The recorded mouse clicks are done just like a normal mouse click.
Keymacro can be use with any of the following type of file: *.h, *.cpp, *.java, *.py, *.xml, *.aspx, *.bat, *.cmd, *.exe, *.mdb, *.mde, *.mdf, *.msc, *.pif, *.vbs, *.vbe, *.wmi, *.mik, *.zip, *.dll, *.apk, *.jar.
– Easy to use with keyboard shortcuts
– Keyboard hotkeys can be setup in any combination
– Ability to add macro for mouse clicks
– Record mouse click actions with copy and paste capabilities
– Record keyboard shortcut
– Mouse buttons can be used in a macro
– Playback macros and recorded events
– Playback multiple events simultaneously
– Macro recording for keyboard and mouse
– Playback, edit and import event files
– Playback, edit and import event files
– Control all events