What causes chimney and fireplace smells?

Chimney and fireplace smells come from creosote deposits in your chimney.  Creosote absorbs inside the chimney creating odors.  Chimney and fireplace smells are normally worse in the summer months because the humidity is high when it rains, or the homeowner turns on the air conditioning and the odor from the chimney and fireplace will come inside the home. There are two major problems that cause the smells of the chimney and fireplace to enter the home.  One is because the creosote is present in the chimney, and there is negative pressure present with the damper.  The other is if the damper isn’t sealed,  it can allow air to travel down the chimney into the home.

To rid smells from the chimney and fireplace the homeowner should have the chimney cleaned thoroughly.  A chimney sweep will remove all creosote.  The chimney sweep can also examine the damper to make sure that it is sealing properly, and if it isn’t, a new damper can be installed.  Once the chimney and fireplace has been cleaned and the damper has been replaced, the smells and odors should disappear.  These are easy fixes to remove your home of any odors being causes in your fireplace or chimney.

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