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Why does my chimney deteriorate?

A chimney can deteriorate mainly due to water, which causes more damage than a fire. A chimney that is exposed to the elements of rain, snow, and ice enters the chimney flue. A chimneys metal parts will start to deteriorate as a result of the contact with the elements. A freeze and thaw process will make a chimney deteriorate quicker, because the metal parts will freeze and expand, then this causes stress to the metal parts, which will weaken and destroy the metal parts of the chimney.

Water, ice, and snow penetrate the interior of the chimney causing the chimney to deteriorate. The damages can include:

    • A rusted damper
    • Deteriorated metal firebox
    • Mortar will decay and deteriorate
    • Flue liner cracks
    • Brickwork will began to crumble

A chimney cap is the first step in preventing a chimney from deteriorating. A chimney cap is the most inexpensive measure that a homeowner can add to their chimney to protect it from damages and deteriorating. It prevents water, snow, and ice from entering the chimney. It will also prevent birds, squirrels, and other animals from entering the chimney building nests, and blocking the flue. Another essential benefit of having a chimney cap installed is preventing hazardous fires. The chimney cap prevents sparks from landing on the roof.

A chimney can deteriorate quickly if a chimney cap isn’t installed on a chimney. Chim-Fab is Connecticut’s chimney supply company. We offer a variety of chimney caps and all of our chimney caps come with a lifetime warranty.