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KEYMACRO is a powerful utility for Windows that will help you convert multiple audio or video files to multiple formats, search keywords within files and change format details (such as time and date, length, file name, or codec) for already converted files.
Keyboard macro recorder
With KEYMACRO, you can record your keyboard strokes in a specified text document or an Excel spreadsheet. You can then use the recorded macros to repeat commands for subsequent actions.
You can record keyboard macros in two different modes:
Full macro recorder (regarding text documents) – with the possibility to easily and quickly re-create and re-record macros. This mode is useful for recording all your keyboard keys, without any need to change the editor.
Simple macro recorder – this mode is great if you want to record a macro for the same action several times and easily execute it. In this mode, you need to choose the exact location to execute the macro at a later time.

KEYMACRO can record a series of keyboard strokes to a text document. You can record several commands or even multiple macros and easily access them later.
Simple text editor
KEYMACRO allows you to edit text documents, in which you can create, delete, insert and format text. It can also execute macros on already saved text documents.
Allows to specify various types of tasks
It can help you create a series of commands for re-creating the text document at a later time. The program can also automatically execute one or more commands (even with several similar commands) on already saved text documents.
Time and date stamp
The program can automatically execute the specified macro at the specified time and date.
If you want to apply a particular format to the document, you can use macros to change the text appearance (for example, you can apply a black font color to a specified text).
KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro recorder for Windows, with which you can easily record multiple commands to text documents or excel spreadsheets. You can even quickly create macros that you can later execute.
Excel macro recorder
Keyboard macro recorder is a program for recording keyboard commands in a text document or Excel spreadsheet. It allows you to create a sequence of several keyboard commands that will be executed automatically after the time and date you specify.
KEYMACRO can record macros in two different modes. You can record macros for a single key press (or for several key presses) in full macro mode, or you can record a macro for a simple action 384a16bd22

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public class Server implements MainSocketThread {
private Socket socket;
private ServerSocket serverSocket;
private ArrayList messageListeners;
private boolean shutdown = false;
private int port;
private final int PORT = 6379;
private final String SERVERNAME = “localhost”;
private final int THREAD_COUNT = 1;

public void start() throws Exception {
messageListeners = new ArrayList();
port = PORT;
serverSocket = new ServerSocket(port);
socket = serverSocket.accept();

public void stop() throws Exception {

public void addMessageListener(MessageListener listener) {

public void messageListenerThread() throws Exception {
while (!shutdown) {
for (MessageListener listener : messageListeners) {

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

public class MessageClient {
private static final int TIMEOUT = 10;
private static final int MSG_BUFFER_SIZE = 100;
private static final int MSG_LENGTH = 20;
private static final int MAX_MSG_LISTENER_COUNT = 100;
private static final int