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Alternate Calculator is a simple, yet powerful mathematical calculator that also features a currency conversion module. Supported number formats are BIN, DEC and HEX.
Great for making complex calculations
The tool is useful to a wide array of users. Virtually anyone that is confronted on a daily basis with simple or complex mathematical calculations can benefit from this program. The currency conversion component can also make the resource quite handy for anyone dealing with multiple types of money.
As one would expect, the interface is very simple and well-suited towards the task at hand. Not surprisingly, there are very few extra options, besides the buttons required for the actual calculations. The frame displaying the operations and their results is located above the buttons. In “Bill Sheet” view, it also displays past items.
Creates a log of all operations
Alternate Calculator features all the standard functions one would expect from a standard calculator, including basic operations with numbers. The standard algebraic operations are available, as are the basic trigonometric functions. Advanced users will appreciate the exponential operations, as well as the ability to compute factorials.
The classic memory functions are available, which is great when dealing with complex operations. Also great when dealing with such tasks is the “Bill Sheet” view. This is, essentially, a history file that can be used to backtrack operations and expose errors.
Can also make basic offline currency conversions
The other innovation that Alternate Calculator offers is the “Currency editor”. This allows one to create basic currency conversions. The nice touch is that new entries can be defined and the ratios between items can be adjusted.
To conclude, Alternate Calculator is a good utility for anyone that is in constant need of a digital aid for all simple calculations.



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In conclusion, Alternate Calculator Cracked Version is a powerful tool for those who perform complex calculations on a regular basis.

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]]> is Netbook?
10 Sep 2017 08:29:17 +0000 question was asked in Ask Box by Terry.

The Netbook was a very popular class of portable computers which was introduced in 1999, after the launch of the first Windows XP powered computer. Originally, the name was borrowed from the highly popular handheld netbooks. A full description of the original netbook is provided below.

The Netbook entered the marketplace at a time when the big-name PC manufacturers, including Microsoft, IBM and Toshiba, were scrambling to put out a cheap notebook PC that could compete with the innovative Apple Macintosh. In 1999, the first models were introduced and it was the highlight of the “cheap” PC segment. It was also the first widely available product with a Linux-based operating system.

The original netbook consisted of a 2-in-1 laptop, a tablet PC, designed for portable use. Its main competitors were the Asus Eee PC and the Sharp MZ-line of devices.

Netbooks were credited to Microsoft for being the pioneer of the idea, as the software company released a mobile version of Windows XP on these machines. The original netbook was released in 1999, after the launch of the first Windows XP-powered PC. It was an affordable PC with a small form factor which was powered by a variety of different operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Palm OS.

]]> the open source LTVNX

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There are people who have to do a lot of numeration from disk, like renumbering files in a way that every page has a unique number, or numbering images. The reason for having unique numbers is, well, because we are humans and we like things to be unique. Other reason is, that it’s better when you have a single source of truth, with all references starting from 0, 1, 2,… etc. This is perfect for a number of applications.
The KEYMACRO script allows you to make your own number sequence from the first. Number sequence can be arbitrary, be it a linear sequence, or a sequence that go from 0 to 99, or from 1 to 12, etc.
It’s easy to use, it’s a small, light weight solution.
Very light, fast, dead simple solution.
A very easy to use GUI.
Does not contain any open source components.
Full source code available under GPLv3.
I’m not that expert in programming, but this is what I learned during my development of this script.


numbercleaner 1.0
An automated way of formatting your numbers in a clean and
efficient way.
NumberCleaner is a simple and tiny script that gives your files and folders a little makeover. All you have to do is to give it the file or folder name and let the script do the rest. No need to open command prompts and type any crazy commands.
Works with all types of files and folders.
Select the type of decimal separator to use.
Options to clean up filenames, change permissions, assign a new
name, or even run on all subdirectories of a folder.
Does not remove any files, folders, or subdirectories.
Supports Unicode, non-Unicode, and both decimal and hexadecimal separators.
Use of DOS/Windows console can be turned off.
Supports both Unicode and non-Unicode options.
Filenames, pathnames, or full pathnames can be cleaned.
Changes of default permissions can be turned off.
Works on all Unix variants, including Linux, BSD, and OSX.
Prints a detailed report showing the cleaned files and folders, along with a
few recommendations on what to

Alternate Calculator Crack Download

ShiftLeft and ShiftRight are useful for the manipulation of bitwise values. Bit shifting operations are very common in digital devices. The operations are useful in calculating functions such as XOR, Rotate, Shift and Add or Subtract. Functions such as exclusive OR, exclusive shift, conditional shift, and circular shift can be easily generated. The ShiftLeft and ShiftRight functions are used to shift the binary digits from left to right.
ShiftLeft and ShiftRight functions can be used to define the operation of multiple input parameters. Functions such as bitwise AND, bitwise XOR, bitwise OR, bitwise Exclusive OR (XOR), bitwise shift left, bitwise shift right, conditional shift, circular shift, etc. can be used to define the logic and mathematical expression. This function is useful in hardware programming.
The length of the shift bit can be defined and the shift bit size can be specified as well as multiple bit shifts.
The ShiftLeft function can be defined with the “divide by” option. This function divides the number by the specified value.
ShiftLeft(expression_1, [expression_2], [expression_3], [expression_4], [expression_5], [expression_6], [expression_7], [expression_8], [expression_9], [expression_10], [expression_11], [expression_12], [expression_13], [expression_14], [expression_15], [expression_16], [expression_17], [expression_18], [expression_19], [expression_20], [expression_21], [expression_22], [expression_23], [expression_24], [expression_25], [expression_26], [expression_27], [expression_28], [expression_29], [expression_30], [expression_31], [expression_32], [expression_33], [expression_34], [expression_35], [expression_36], [expression_37], [expression_38], [expression_39], [expression_40], [expression_41], [expression_42], [expression_43], [expression_44], [expression_45], [expression_46], [expression_47], [expression_48], [expression_49], [expression_50], [expression_51], [expression_52], [expression_53], [expression_54], [expression_55], [expression_56], [expression_57

What’s New in the Alternate Calculator?

Hex Draw is a hexadecimal editor. The program supports a GUI for editing hexadecimal data, as well as editing raw hexadecimal data on-the-fly.
Great for entering and editing hexadecimal data
The program is suitable for anyone that works with hexadecimal data.
If you are lucky enough to have a wide variety of hexadecimal files on hand, then you will probably appreciate the program’s ability to open such files. There is also a simple hexadecimal to decimal converter that can be used to do so.
The program supports all types of input as well as output. The input options include:
“Use in console”, “Clipboard”, “File”, “Edit.In” and “Text.In”. The output options include:
“Write to console”, “Clipboard”, “File”, “Edit.Out” and “Text.Out”.
The GUI editor is simple and easy to use. You can drag and drop the data into the grid and click the up and down arrow buttons to move data. The program includes features to sort the data, as well as to filter out certain data. There is a large preview pane for previewing the data as it is being edited.
Hex Draw is a very useful tool for anyone who is in need of a hexadecimal editor.
Buffer Overflow Detector is a program for detecting buffer overflows, which are security problems.
Detects buffer overflows
Buffer Overflow Detector is particularly useful for detecting buffer overflows, which are security problems.
With this program, you can easily scan a binary file for these security problems.
The program is essentially a standalone application. This means that you can run it from a CD-ROM or a flash drive.
The program automatically detects the file type and stores it. For this reason, there is no need to run the program with any option, except for the file to be scanned.
The program can scan:
Binary files
Dwarf files
ELF files
Executables (EXE, BAT and COM)
The program can also search the file for the “Unsafe Stack” option. If the program is able to find it, it will flag the file as a potential security risk. The option is defined as a single byte (ASCII 0) located near the end of the file.

System Requirements:

This mod is based on a script and a set of functions by Vayso.
It uses the tool by DaLow and adds hundreds of new items and animals.
If you like this mod or the one below, please consider donating to their creators.
Please use “Create-a-NPC” to install.
Tools to generate one of the new NPCs:
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