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The application is not intended to be a graphical user interface for automatic transmission of the data. It was created for the analysis of the spectra and the results of calculations.

WAVCLIP is a utility which allows a user to clip and save to disk the WAV audio file. The information is stored in the RECORDER.EXE format file, which makes it possible to create, edit and retrieve information from the Windows WAV audio file. The RECORDER.EXE format file has been written to allow the user to retrieve from WAV files. Record/PlayWAV PlayWAV file is an application, which allows a user to play the WAV audio file from the hard drive and display audio properties. The characteristics of the WAV audio file are displayed, such as time, size, sample rate, etc. The RECORDER.EXE format file is the most accurate and commonly used format in which the user can record, edit and display WAV audio properties.
XWAV2REC is a utility which allows a user to convert an MP3 file to a WAV file. The MP3 file is converted to a WAV file with the LAME encoder. Also, the RECORDER.EXE format file is used to record information in the WAV audio file. The information in the RECORDER.EXE format file can be edited and saved.

MS-DOS SYSCALL is a utility that enables the user to be aware of which commands are executed by Microsoft DOS commands. Its purpose is to provide information about the commands used when DOS commands are executed. The utility displays all the commands which are executed by the DOS commands and then users can investigate the functionality of the commands.

DEFODER is a program to prevent the file from being changed or removed. This utility will run as a service in the background and monitor files and folders in the system that have special attributes that are not writeable. If a user makes an attempt to change or remove a file, the service will let the user know and prevent the modification. In addition, the utility provides instructions on how to use the program, to allow the user to gain the benefits from its functions.

DECFILE is a DEC LINC utility to display the contents of an ASCII file on an 11×19 CRT. DECFILE permits the user to view up to 255 lines of an ASCII file, display the entire ASCII file, write or delete characters in the file, insert and delete characters d82f892c90

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A Gauss filter is a mathematical filter which uses a Gaussian function. Gauss filters usually are used for image smoothing and for image gamma correction. For further information, see Gaussian filter.
Gauss filters are usually included in image processing software, but are not part of the Java image processing API.
The Gauss filter can be applied to images of type BufferedImage, InputStream or OutputStream.
You can define an action that launches the Gauss filter after a specific amount of time. The action can be specified in seconds.
The application is included in the Gij w.r.t. Java Plug-in for Eclipse.
To use the application, you must download it and extract the archive in a directory on your computer.
You can find the latest version here:
You can get the gij-plugin-v1.0.jar which includes the Gauss filter from the following source:

The instruction for the download from that site is:

The build of the application is:

Java version: 1.6.0_29
Eclipse version: 3.5.2
Eclipse build: ecj-3_5_2-171006-101155-R20120203-0528-1057
Tools Version: 3.5.0 (1510285057128)

The features of the application include:

–show image of the original image
–apply filter
–choose the type of filter
–set the color ramp
–clear the console
–create a text file with the result
–set the action
–show the image after a specific amount of time

The application is for educational purposes only. It is not a commercial product.

Show image
This feature launches the built-in image viewer of the application.
Use this feature to show an image to compare with the result after applying a filter.

Choose filter
The application provides a list of filters that are included in the gij-plugin-v1.0.jar.
Choose a filter to apply to an image, and then click Apply to start the application.