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Category:Adobe softwareRobert Putnam, a Harvard University professor who wrote “Bowling Alone,” a sweeping commentary on America’s changing civic life, said that for a second time in a generation he’s seen significant evidence of people of all ages becoming more politically engaged.

Mr. Putnam, now a professor at the University of Michigan, called it “the politicization of the American people.”

“People have always been interested in their country and their government, but those interests have reached a fever pitch,” he said.

Mr. Putnam said the lead-up to the two-year anniversary of the inauguration of the new president of the United States has been extraordinarily emotional.

“It feels like a great civics lesson,” Mr. Putnam said. “It has brought many people out into the streets. We are reminded daily of what it means to be a citizen and a patriot and a public servant.”

Americans on both the left and the right feel emboldened by the political and social freedoms of the modern era, Mr. Putnam said, and they’re responding with a renewed sense of engagement.

“We’re in an age of social networkedness and social media,” he said. “People can organize themselves in a way they never could before.”

“On a scale, since the modern age began, this is the most civil and participatory moment we’ve had,” Mr. Putnam said.

The Hill reported Wednesday that the 2020 Census is getting a boost of about $3.7 billion from a $7.6 billion request in the White House 2019 budget that funds the census.

Mr. Putnam described it as part of the Trump administration’s broader trend to marshal public resources for non-government purposes and further politicize agencies.

The Trump administration is dramatically expanding the use of non-citizen voting databases and allowing government officials to engage in political advocacy and political party identification, often with little public transparency.

Last week, the Justice Department unsealed a $25 million grant it awarded to a nonprofit group called the Mississippi Regional Data Center that plans to cross-reference voter registration records, party affiliation and


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