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A SQL statement that contains the expression for @@identity (Microsoft SQL Server). When executed, @@identity returns the value of the identity column of the last INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement to execute in the current database. An identity column must be an INT IDENTITY column. Note that the return value will be different from the value stored in the identity column.

When I ran above script, I got one identity column. But I didn’t expect to get one identity column, can anyone tell me why? Any other idea to achieve this?


I think this is what you want:
SELECT ‘use’+ cast(database_id as nvarchar(max)) + ‘;’
FROM master.sys.databases
WHERE name = ‘TheDBName’

It will give you the name of the current database, then just pass that as a value to:
COUNT(@@identity) AS row_count,
name AS current_database,
‘use’+ cast(database_id as nvarchar(max)) + ‘;’
FROM master.sys.databases


How to handle multiple custom paths using TranslateUrl in.NET Core

I have an ASP.NET Core app using MVC 7 (not Core), and I’m having an issue with client-side localization.
I’m using dotnet-rt to translate all strings, as it supports multiple custom paths.
I use the following in my _Layout.cshtml:
TranslateStringAsync(“”, “Menu”);

And in my _Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml.cs file:
public void AddLocalization(ViewDataDictionary viewData, string customPath)
var env = EngineContext.Current.Resolve();
var path = env.GetCurrentPath();

viewData.Model = _translator.TranslateText(customPath, path);

public void _Views_Shared 384a16bd22

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The “Keymacro” feature allows you to record your
keystrokes or key presses by pressing a specified
key combination. These records are saved in
the Keymacro Journal and may be recalled later.
You can define many key combinations and also
define a “leader” key or use an already defined
key combination.
Keymacro can also be used to store mouse movement
records. All mouse-related records will be
recorded in the Mouse Journal.

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